Chetan Bhagat had not too long ago spoken about Uorfi Javed, and stated that the youth of this nation, particularly boys, had been getting distracted by her. After Uorfi responded to Chetan’s comment, known as him a ‘pervert’ and shared screenshots of Chetan Bhagat’s alleged WhatsApp messages that had been leaked in 2018, in the course of the Me Too motion, the creator has reacted. On Sunday, he tweeted concerning the alleged WhatsApp messages that Uorfi was ‘spreading’ and known as them ‘fake’. He additionally clarified that he by no means ‘criticised’ her. Also learn: Uorfi Javed asks Sudhanshu Pandey to watch Anupamaa after he calls her ‘ghastly’

During a latest occasion, Chetan Bhagat had stated, “Phone has been a great distraction for the youth, especially the boys, spending hours just watching Instagram Reels. Everyone knows who Uorfi Javed is… What will you do with her photos? Is it coming in your exams or you will go for a job interview and tell the interviewer that you know all her outfits?”

Uorfi Javed took to Instagram Stories to speak about Chetan Bhagat’s touch upon her.

In response to his remark, Uorfi had taken to Instagram Stories on Saturday, and criticised him and his assertion in a collection of notes. “Men like him will always blame the women (rather) than accepting their own shortcomings. Just because you’re a pervert doesn’t mean it’s the girl’s fault or what is she wearing. Unnecessarily dragging me into a conversation, commenting on how my clothes are distracting young boys is such as f****d thing to say. You messaging girls isn’t a distraction for them, Chetan Bhagat?”

Sharing the leaked screenshots of his alleged WhatsApp messages, Uorfi additional wrote on Instagram Stories, “Guys, let’s not forget how so many women accused him during the Me Too case.” She additionally wrote, “Stop promoting rape culture you sickos out there. Blaming women’s clothes for the behaviour of men is so 80s Mr Chetan Bhagat. Who was distracting you when you messaged girls half of your age? Always blame the opposite gender, and never accept your own shortcomings or faults.”

Chetan Bhagat defended himself in his latest tweet.
Chetan Bhagat defended himself in his newest tweet.

Reacting to Uorfi’s newest statements and her sharing his alleged WhatsApp messages, Chetan tweeted on Sunday, “Have never spoken to/chatted with/met/ known someone where it’s being spread that I have done so. It’s fake. a lie.also a Non issue.Haven’t criticised anyone.And I also think there’s nothing wrong in telling people to stop wasting time on Instagram and focus on fitness and career.”

In 2018, Chetan Bhagat’s title had appeared on a Twitter thread, the place a number of ladies had been sharing their MeToo tales. A journalist had shared a WhatsApp chat on social media after which the creator had give you an apology and ‘a couple of points about the screenshots’. The creator, in his put up, had additionally talked about how tough the previous few days had been for his household.

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