The chaotic sibling bond actually jumped out.

LE SSERAFIM have launched their first Japanese single, “FEARLESS,” and their debut showcase in Japan was filled with priceless moments that completely portrayed the members’ unreal visuals—and their chaotic sibling vitality.

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LE SSERAFIM | @le_sserafim_jp/Twitter

The group made a splash with their Japanese debut, with Sakura gaining reward for her visuals and charisma within the music video.

The different members additionally didn’t go unnoticed, with followers fawning over their “Barbie-like appearance.”

At the showcase itself, LE SSERAFIM delighted their viewers with their superior charisma and efficiency. Netizens famous that even their silhouettes regarded spectacular!

FEARNOT couldn’t assist gushing over the members’ flawless visuals in actual life.

Yet, maybe extra importantly, the members themselves couldn’t assist however make followers chortle at their sibling shenanigans.

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People in attendance commented on how LE SSERAFIM’s interactions had been full chaos…

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…with the members even chasing one another across the stage at one level.

Seeing because it hasn’t been too lengthy because the group’s debut, it’s heartwarming to see how a lot they’ve bonded. Their chemistry is real and heartwarming to look at, and the members have made praiseworthy efforts to deepen their friendship.

Congratulations to LE SSERAFIM on their Japanese debut!

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