Udaariyaan Priyanka Chahar Choudhary on being a contestant in a controversial present like Bigg Boss 16; says, “People feel their image will get destroyed if they do Bigg Boss, why don’t they believe in their talent?”

Uddariyaan fame Priyanka Chahar Choudhary aka Tejo has entered the Bigg Boss 16 home and has been doing fairly high quality, particularly being accompanied by his co-star Ankit Gupta. Before stepping inside the home, talked about her resolution of doing Bigg Boss throughout an interview with ETimes Tv and shared how she doesn’t imagine that the controversial actuality present can tarnish anybody’s repute.

She stated, “I am super excited but nervous about doing Bigg Boss 16. I don’t understand why people shy away from doing Bigg Boss or why they think it should not be done early in their careers. I feel if you have talent, nobody can stop you. People feel their image will get destroyed if they do Bigg Boss but why do they forget that producers will still come to them if they are good actors? Why don’t they believe in their talent? They will get work based on their talent. An artist will never sit idle if he/she is talented enough.”

After being part of a success TV present, now Priyanka desires to do a actuality present and see how issues work, “I wanted to do Bigg Boss and was not skeptical because I wanted to explore myself more. I did a hit TV show and now I want to do a reality show and see how things work. For me, everything is very new. I have nobody from my family in this profession, so for me, everything is very new. I really want to learn new things.”

She added, “I don’t consider myself a celebrity. I consider myself as a very regular and normal girl from humble family background. I have never let fame, or stardom enter my head, I am very grounded as a human being and I never let it change me. If I ever behave like a celebrity, my parents will be the first person to bring my attitude down. They have kept me very grounded and I think people will connect with that side of my personality. I am hoping for that.”

Talking about her edge within the duties, she stated, “I have been a national player in sports and my competitive side will come out during tasks because I would want to win every task. I am excited about doing tasks but I am scared of just one thing, I am a big claustrophobic. I hope I don’t get to perform any such task.”

She added, “I had to prepare myself for Bigg Boss because I am claustrophobic. I have already imagined this situation in my head of staying in a captive situation and trained myself that way. I am not going to bring that thought in my head that I am not allowed to go out of the house and I am locked inside. I am going to see the sun, sky, stars, moon and I have prepared myself that way.
I didn’t get a chance to do or learn household chores since I started working at an early age
I had to start working after 12th grade because of some financial family situation. So I didn’t get that much chance to do or learn household chores. But I can do cleaning and make round chapatis. I am good at these things. I am not good with cooking since I started working at an early age and was traveling most of the time for work. I won’t shy away from doing any other work, we all are equals inside and I don’t consider myself superior to others.”

When requested how she is going to cope with fights and arguments in the home, she stated, “I will just ask them if you are trying to take footage from me then take it and there’s no point in fighting on useless issues because the audience is also smart who is fighting just for the cameras. They understand it very well. Mostly, I won’t react to such fights.”

Talking about her favourite contestants from the present, Priyanka stated, “My favorite contestants from the previous seasons are Sidnaaz without any doubt. They were very real. I liked their bonding and joh hai Woh muh par tha sab kuch. If Shehnaaz has said something she would own up to it, the same was with Sidharth Shukla. He never gave a damn about what others talked about him. I still remember his dialogue when he told everyone Tum sab bhaad mein Jao 12 ke 12 bhaad mein Jao, I just loved it. He was very real and their bond was really cute. They were not fake.”

Interestingly the actress is open to discovering love in Bigg Boss 16 home. “Yes, I’m completely open to discovering love in Bigg Boss home however I’m not going inside only for that. For me relationships are crucial, be it mates, mother and father or siblings. I worth them and take excellent care of them. I’m very loving as an individual and get simply hooked up. I’ll be the identical individual inside and I’m open to creating any relationship be it love, friendship or every other. But let’s see what occurs inside. If it occurs I received’t draw back from expressing my emotions. I’m very expressive as an individual. In the start, I is perhaps shy however as soon as I’m assured about my emotions. I received’t shy from sharing about it, she stated.


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