It’s been a very long time coming.

TXT‘s Yeonjun‘s bright pink mullet became an iconic part of their “Blue Hour” promotions, with fans wishing the look would make a return. It looks like MOAs recently got their wish.


After releasing the title The Name Chapter through their 2022 MAMA Awards stage, the group released a concept trailer for their comeback that gave Yeonjun’s mullet a brand new look.

As the boys of TXT took of their environment within the idea trailer, followers instantly observed that Yeonjun’s hair was for much longer than earlier than.

With his hair reaching his shoulders as soon as extra, Yeonjun was stuffed with charisma as he confirmed off his dark-haired mullet.

The return of the look with a contemporary twist left followers pleasantly shocked. They joked that the coiffure appeared so good on Yeonjun it was too onerous to deal with the trailer’s storyline.

Seeing Yeonjun’s good-looking visuals taken to the subsequent degree with a mullet would make anybody lose focus.


See Yeonjun do the surprising by returning with a mullet.

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