TXT‘s Taehyun‘s attraction is simple and it appears he has been since even earlier than his debut!

During his current look on TMI News, Taehyun confirmed off his cute childhood photographs. Clearly from his photographs, Taehyun was cool from the day he was born!


The present’s MC, Jun Hyun Moo acknowledged Taehyun had idol-like visuals even in his youthful years and requested, “Did you think you would become a celebrity in the future?”

Humbly, Taehyun shared he didn’t have any senses of him reaching a star profession when he was younger and that all of it simply fell into place.

At the time, I truthfully didn’t know however it in some way turned out like this.

— Taehyun

Though he may not have seen his path to fame, Taehyun will need to have at the very least seen his recognition in class. Jun Hyun Moo then commented, “You must’ve had female students that had crushes on you.” The present’s different MC Jang Do Yeon agreed and claimed, “He would have been so popular.”

Surprisingly, Taehyun revealed that he couldn’t actually acknowledge his recognition from his fellow college students in school. Instead, Taehyun defined he was standard amongst casting managers! Taehyun actually was born to be a star!

I couldn’t actually really feel it among the many similar years (similar grade), however I used to be standard amongst casting managers.

— Taehyun

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