Soobin is the last word fanboy.

TXT‘s Soobin is known for being one of the most relatable idols ever, and fans are feeling that more than ever after he shared his reaction to seeing KARA reunited on stage at the 2022 MAMA Awards.

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Day certainly one of The 2022 MAMA Awards was iconic for a number of causes, together with the large lady group stage and Stray Kids“main event” performance.

Legendary girl group KARA also reunited on stage for the first time in seven years to perform a medley of some of their most iconic tracks, including “LUPIN,” “STEP,” and “Mr,” before singing their newest release, “WHEN I MOVE.”

Many of the idols in attendance were captured showing how excited they were for the performance, including, Kep1er and TREASURE.

Fans of TXT were eager to see how Soobin, a known fan of the group, reacted to seeing his faves perform and were not disappointed.

After TXT arrived back in Korea from the event, Soobin shared a screenshot to Weverse of himself watching the music video for “WHEN I LOVE” with the pleading face emoji (🥺). He also shared exactly how he reacted during the performance as well!

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Tears were rolling down my face (during KARA’s efficiency) yesterday.

— Soobin

Soobin’s fanboying didn’t cease there, nevertheless. A fan requested what his favourite KARA songs have been, and he not solely gave his solutions however kindly requested the individual to hearken to them!

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Fan: Soobin, what’s your favourite KARA track? I’m curious.
Soobin: “Secretly, Secretly” and “My Darling”
Soobin: Please be sure you hearken to them…

It’s nice to see that Soobin was as excited as the remainder of us concerning the legendary lady group’s comeback!

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