Much like the remainder of the world, TXT is loopy for Netflix’s new K-Drama Squid Game they usually know which of their members would die first in the event that they have been in it themselves.

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In a latest dwell broadcast with Soobin and Hueningkai, the 2 mentioned the brand new extensively standard drama, and a number of other of their viewers couldn’t assist however discuss it as nicely.

One query from a viewer requested, “‘Penthouse’ vs Squid Game?‘” And Soobin replied, “Definitely squid game!


Another fan requested, “If the members were in the ‘Squid Game,’ who would’ve died first?” Hueningkai then made the hilarious remark that he would die first due to how horrible he’s on the “Red Light, Green Light” recreation (also called the “Statue Game”). Hueningkai acknowledged, “First, I’m so bad at playing statues.” Soobin laughed and replied, “You would’ve died in the first game.

Soobin defined that as a result of Hueningkai is such a candy particular person, it’s possible that he’ll get betrayed by somebody.

I feel Huening would get betrayed. He’s too good, dangerous guys would come leech off him.

— Soobin

As for Yeonjun, Soobin conveyed that his coronary heart is simply too weak and tender for such a scenario, due to this fact, Yeonjun wouldn’t final lengthy in Squid Game.

Besides Hueningkai and Yeonjun, Soobin additionally selected Beomgyu because the member who would die first due to his lack of self-control. Instead of retaining calm, Soobin thinks Beomgyu wouldn’t have the ability to maintain again.

Beomgyu? I feel it’d be Beomgyu. You want have to manage if you maintain again or assault, however I don’t suppose Beomgyu is aware of the right way to maintain again. He’s the sort to stubbornly go forth? Beomgyu?

— Soobin

As for who would have the ability to outlive their members, Soobin admitted it will most likely be him and likewise Taehyun! Soobin defined that it’s not as a result of they essentially have athletic abilities, however as a result of they might “Stubbornly survive.

The one who would survive the longest can be me and Taehyun? I don’t suppose athletic abilities are tremendous important. I feel that in the event you throw me into that sort of place, I’d actually stubbornly survive.

— Soobin

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