TXT‘s Soobin was more than emotional about his and Oh My Girl‘s Arin (known as AKONG together) time as a Music Bank’s MCs coming to an finish. Although it was clear how unhappy he was about his departure, Soobin revealed there was somebody much more unhappy on his final day as MC.


Soobin lately held a solo reside broadcast the place he shared a number of behind-the-scenes tales of him and his members. When first requested about any behind-the-scenes tales on AKONG, Soobin couldn’t consider any. When one thing lastly popped up in his reminiscence, Soobin placed on a giant smile. Soobin recalled that he heard somebody was crying on his final day.

It’s not a behind-the-scene story AKONG per se. On the final day, the author stored calling within the hallway. The author mentioned, ‘Soobin, Arin, come out.’ I mentioned, ‘Okay.’ I opened the door, and the author mentioned, ‘Why are you crying?’ Don’t cry.’

— Soobin

While many would have guessed it was Arin who was shedding tears on her final day, Soobin clarified it wasn’t Arin, as an alternative, it was his supervisor. What a candy man!

I mentioned, ‘Is Arin crying because it’s the final day?’ I went there to tease her and noticed her, however it wasn’t Arin, however my supervisor.

— Soobin

Soobin conveyed how his supervisor was tremendous emotional as he was there throughout Soobin’s time on MC since day 1! While there could be some days he went with completely different managers, the supervisor who introduced him on his first day was additionally there for his final.

The supervisor went to ‘Music Bank’ from the primary day. The identical supervisor, often completely different managers, however largely it was that supervisor. The supervisor was chatting with the author, and was saying, ‘It’s so unhappy that it’s the final day.’

— Soobin

Soobin sympathized along with his supervisor and understood why he may very well be so emotional towards Soobin’s departure from the music program.

Ah, the supervisor was extra keen on ‘Music Bank than I thought. That can happen because the manager went there for a year and a few months. I also felt weird that I won’t be coming again.

— Soobin

Much like his supervisor, Soobin commented that he additionally felt a bit unusual.  Although he was unhappy on the final day and about his time as MC ending, Soobin felt higher with the considered him coming again simply to carry out as TXT.

I additionally felt bizarre that I gained’t be coming again. But I’ll carry on acting on stage. I’ll go to ‘Music Bank’ throughout promotions, and meet the workers members once more. I will be there at ‘Music Bank.’ But there have been actors who host the present. It is likely to be unhappy for them as a result of they gained’t be on the present once more.

— Soobin

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