Another shared expertise for the 2 teams to bond over.

Within three years of their debut, TXT has managed to earn a popularity as a gaggle that’s equally properly at stay singing and dancing. Their choreographies are identified to be intricate and highly effective, and all of the members execute them seamlessly as a unit. But in line with the maknae of the group, dancing was by no means on his agenda when he joined BIGHIT MUSIC!

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During a current stay broadcast, a fan requested Hueningkai about his expertise as a trainee. The idol shared that it was nothing like what he had in thoughts. Hueningkai initially joined BIGHIT considering he could be debuting as a singer-songwriter. He didn’t actually intend to grow to be an idol per se.

I got here in with the intention of being a singer-songwriter, simply singing and enjoying my guitar and debuting as a singer.

—Hueningkai, Weverse Live

But when he began coaching on the label, his mentors advised him to start out studying a bit little bit of dancing. He agreed to the proposal, and earlier than he knew it, he was spending three hours on daily basis at dance practices.

So at first once they advised me, ‘Let’s simply slowly study a little bit of dancing,’ I believed, ‘Oh really? Okay, I’ll simply attempt my finest!’ But then as quickly as I entered, we have been working arduous like this for 3 hours.

—Hueningkai, Weverse Live

The story instantly rang a bell amongst folks acquainted with TXT and BTS. The means Hueningkai appears to have been lured into idol coaching feels awfully just like Suga‘s trainee experience.

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Suga during his rookie days | @bangtan.official/Facebook

The rapper has often shared the story of how he joined BIGHIT under the assumption that he would be part of a pure hip-hop group. As an underground rapper, he had no interest in learning how to dance, and Bang Shi Hyuk, the then-CEO of BIGHIT, assured him that he wouldn’t want to bounce loads as a trainee. However, after becoming a member of the corporate, he spent lengthy hours at dance practices, and in the end, he debuted as a member of BTS, who have been famous for his or her robust dancing and rapping abilities as rookies.

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Though each Hueningkai and Suga have been “tricked” into dancing by BIGHIT, each the idols now bear in mind the tales with humor and fondness. And followers acknowledged the hilarity of the state of affairs too.

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Jokes apart, followers are additionally relieved that BIGHIT acknowledged the potential in its artists and pushed them really to attain it as trainees.

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