Taehyun was there when it occurred.

Behind the scenes of TXT‘s TO DO X TXT, Hueningkai shared some funny memories from their trainee days, including the times he was mistaken for a foreigner because of his unique visuals.

Hueningkai | @TXT_members/Twitter

Because TXT couldn’t wait to listen to the joke, Hueningkai jumped proper into the time he went to a quick meals place at Hakdong Station.

Hueningkai needed to drink their “really delicious jelly ade.” Like typical, he politely instructed the employee his order, “I said, ‘One jelly ade, please.’” Though the request was easy, it took a humorous flip.

Because Hueningkai “looked like a foreigner” to the employee, they couldn’t course of his appears mixed along with his fluent Korean. He imitated their confused response, “But I didn’t look Korean. He was puzzled and said, ‘What?’

No matter what number of occasions Hueningkai stated his order, the employee “kept saying, ‘What?’” He lastly ended the awkward state of affairs by saying it in an entire sentence and emphasizing his phrases. Hueningkai stated, “So I said, ‘I’d like to drink jelly ade.’

Their interplay had been so hilariously awkward that the members couldn’t assist laughing, particularly Soobin. That wasn’t the one time Hueningkai had been mistaken for a foreigner.

When Taehyun and Hueningkai went to the physician, he spoke in Korean to Taehyun and English to Hueningkai. Even although Hueningkai assured the physician he may converse comfortably in Korean, the physician then hilariously blended Korean and English collectively.

At least all of them may giggle about these humorous conditions now.

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