In an interview with MTV Fresh OutTXT performed a sport of “Who’s Most Likely To,” and their solutions had been nearly all the time unanimous, revealing loads about every member’s persona and the way properly the members know one another.

For the primary query, TXT had to decide on the member who would eat the leftovers within the fridge with out asking permission. Their reply was 5/5; even Soobin admitted that he was the most certainly wrongdoer.

In order from left to proper: Soobin, Huening Kai, Beomgyu, Yeonjun, Taehyun | MTV/YouTube 

But is there anybody who can deny Soobin meals? Not when TXT already indulges Soobin this a lot.


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They had to decide on the one who would get tricked by a prank name for the second query, and the remainder of the members selected Huening Kai, with Taehyun saying, “He’s so pure,” as the explanation.

Is there anybody extra pure and valuable?


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Next, they’d to decide on the member who might go to sleep even in a loud room, and everybody moreover Beomgyu selected him. Taehyun even mentioned it was a expertise of Beomgyu’s. If you’re a MOA, you understand precisely why.


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The fourth query was the primary time TXT was torn between two members, Beomgyu and Huening Kai, though for Beomgyu, it in all probability wouldn’t be too scary getting taken by aliens since he’s taken with them too.

The fifth query was on who would most certainly lock themselves out of the home, and whereas Taehyun selected himself, the remainder selected Soobin, due to the truth that he’s already finished so a number of occasions.

The sixth query was, “Who is most likely to write an autobiography?” The different members selected Taehyun for his intelligence and eloquence.

His means with phrases is all the time comforting and reveals knowledge past his years.


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Ending the sport with one final query on who would most certainly host their very own TV present, the members unanimously selected Beomgyu (properly, Huening Kai modified his reply, however he does agree).

The way forward for his TV present will likely be hilarious: this iconic interplay with Yeonjun proves that there’s by no means a quiet second with savage Beomgyu.


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