In Batman: The Long Halloween Special #1, Two-Face asks for Batman’s assist to rescue his spouse Gilda, however he does it within the worst manner doable.

Warning: Spoilers for Batman: The Long Halloween Special #1

DC Comics’ Batman: The Long Halloween Special #1, reveals Batman and Two-Face teaming as much as rescue Two-Face’s spouse Gilda who’s simply been captured by Calendar Man (aka Julian Day). Despite the longtime rigidity between Batman and Two-Face, Two-Face wants his assist and he asks for it within the worst and most Two-Face-esque manner doable. 

Batman: The Long Halloween Special #1, written by legendary comics creators Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale, is a one-shot comedian follow-up to the 1996 13-issue collection of the identical identify. This challenge picks up the place the story left off over twenty years in the past. Fans nonetheless wish to know the reply to the notorious query: Who precisely is the Holiday Killer? According to Loeb, he hinted on the Holiday Killer’s identification within the unique collection, however apparently, solely essentially the most eagle-eyed readers picked up on it. This new challenge sees former allies Two-Face and Batman pair up to rescue Two-Face’s beloved wife, Gilda Dent. Two-Face (aka Harvey Dent), descended into insanity ever since considered one of Gotham’s largest gangsters Sal Maroni threw acid in his face, leaving one-half of his face badly scarred. Two-Face is understood for doing issues in twos, so even when he (reluctantly) requires Batman’s assist on this challenge, his twin persona is ever-present. 


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In Batman: The Long Halloween Special #1 Gilda Dent and Two-Face are reunited after being aside for a while. Both are deeply devoted to at least one one other regardless of Two-Face’s half villainous nature. It’s Halloween night and they’re enjoying a romantic dinner collectively. Their night, nevertheless, is reduce quick when the doorbell rings. Two-Face grows visibly nervous and wonders who would possibly know of their whereabouts, however Gilda assures him that it’s probably simply trick-or-treaters on the hunt for sweet. Gilda opens the door to search out Calendar Man standing there, he knocks her unconscious and captures her. Two-Face continues to be within the kitchen, pouring extra wine, unaware of what simply occurred. But, when he realizes his spouse is lacking he has a hunch that Julian Day is behind it. Recognizing that he’ll want exterior assist to search out his spouse, he makes use of the Bat-signal to summon Batman, however the image appears to be like just a little completely different this time. There’s a jagged line down the center of it and the right-side is lacking. So, when the Bat-signal illuminates the night sky, each Batman and Commissioner Gordon instantly make the connection that Two-Face is the one asking for assist. 

Batman rushes to Two-Face’s location and finds that half of his Bat-signal has been smashed to bits. Two-Face lives in duality and his devotion to dwelling in twos is putting in these panels. While it’s doable that he shattered a part of the Bat-Signal in an try to reiterate his present dislike for Batman, it’s additionally probably that it’s appearing as a quick peace providing. This new model of the Bat-signal represents their former allyship, however the jagged line down the center is a reminder of the rift of their relationship because of Batman’s mistrust of Harvey Dent ever since his evolution into Two-Face. In order to avoid wasting his spouse, Two-Face has no alternative however to ask for Batman’s assist and this sign is indicative of a bond between the pair that, though wounded, will not be utterly damaged.

Batman: The Long Halloween Special #1 brings former-friends-now-enemies, Two-Face and Batman collectively in an try to rescue Gilda. This leaves some hope for followers trying to see a doable reconciliation between the 2.

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