Akshay Kumar and spouse Twinkle Khanna has raised Rs 1 crore to ‘get oxygen concentrators to Indian hospitals’. Twinkle on Monday took to her social media accounts to share a thanks observe as her fundraiser marketing campaign had reached its purpose.

Twinkle shared a photograph of herself with the textual content, “Thank you! With you help, we have reached our goal – to raise Rs 1 crore to get oxygen concentrators to Indian hospitals.”

She captioned the photograph, “It’s thanks to all of you that we raised these funds and are able to send concentrators where they are needed. I will keep posting updates. A big shout out to all of you and @annada_outreach for their tremendous support. #helpindiabreathe.”

Twinkle Khanna had earlier tweeted, “What I am seeing on our donation page is surprising-single donors-encouraged by our personal donations-giving 5,10,20 lakhs at a time. If our platforms inspire folks who can spare large sums and it goes to those in need it-isn’t that what matters? #KeepAtIt.”

Akshay Kumar and Twinkle Khanna have been doing their bit amid the pandemic.

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