In a previous radio present look, TWICE was requested to choose the cutest and largest whiners within the group. After some thought, they selected Nayeon and Tzuyu, and so they had enjoyable tales to clarify why!

Chaeyoung began off by saying that Tzuyu wasn’t initially somebody who whined usually. Now, nonetheless, every time she does whine, it’s all the time in a cute method!

Tzuyu does whine rather a lot recently. In the start, she didn’t…whine? She whines cutely.

— Chaeyoung

Jihyo shared that there’s one event when Tzuyu jokingly whines with out fail—every time they unintentionally stumble upon one another. Hilariously, even when they only barely collide, Tzuyu would nonetheless jokingly faux that she bought damage!

Tzuyu does whine jokingly. Like if I simply stumble upon her barely, she is going to cry out.

— Jihyo

Much to the amusement of everybody current, Jeongyeon joked that Tzuyu solely does that as a result of it’s Jihyo, “She only did this to you. She did it because it’s you.

The MC of the radio present then requested why they picked Nayeon, and Jeongyeon revealed that it’s as a result of Nayeon usually exaggerates about how sick she feels.

According to Jeongyeon, one second Nayeon could be complaining about her illness, however the subsequent second she could be making jokes!

Maybe like when she caught a chilly then she is going to say, ‘Ah, I’m so sick.‘ She exaggerates. But then we joke around together, and it’s like one second later…Then it actually doesn’t seem to be she’s sick.

— Jeongyeon

On the flip aspect, Jeongyeon defined that Nayeon by no means feigns exhaustion. “But when we’re tired, she’s really tired.

The approach Nayeon and Tzuyu jokingly whine to their members simply goes to point out how enjoyable their personalities are!

Learn extra concerning the ladies within the full interview under.

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