If anybody desires to know the place TWICE‘s Nayeon obtained her magnificence from, look no additional than her stunning mother!

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Recently, Nayeon took followers together with her as she ready a present for her Secret Friend. During the vlog, she stopped by her room to point out some treasured gadgets that she retains in her closet.

One of the primary gadgets she confirmed was an image body that her mother had made for her. “This is something my mom made me.

It wasn’t simply any typical body, although! It included a photograph of Nayeon from “Dance The Night Away” promotions beside a photograph of her mother from when she was youthful.

This is a film poster, and this was my mother when she was younger.

— Nayeon

Just a few years in the past, Nayeon’s mother shared the very same pictures on Instagram, and it was simple to see their shut resemblance!

Nayeon expressed disbelief at how comparable they appear. Their matching outfits and hair equipment emphasised their similarities.

We look so alike. The outfit is analogous and the hairpin, too.

— Nayeon

In reality, that’s precisely the rationale why her mother made the image body. “We look extremely alike, so my mom made this.

The celeb genes are robust on this household!

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Watch Nayeon’s entertaining vlog under.

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