In a previous stay broadcast, TWICE introduced up the subject of getting LASIK Laser Eye Surgery. Nayeon was nervous that the results of the surgical procedure will probably be felt even after a number of many years. “You’ll see the effect several decades later.

Having skilled it for herself up to now, chief Jihyo strongly suggested towards getting it due to how dry her eyes at the moment are.

I can really feel the results since my eyes grew to become dry after getting the Lasik Surgery. I advisable the surgical procedure after I had it, however I don’t suggest it now. Too dry.

— Jihyo

Disappointed, Nayeon revealed that she deliberate on getting the surgical procedure someday sooner or later. “I wanted to get the surgery later.

Sana agreed together with her, saying, “I planned to get that this year.

Shaking her head, Jihyo firmly repeated her stance. “I don’t recommend.

Nayeon then remembered one other drawback of LASIK surgical procedure that she had heard about—being unable to see daylight!

It’s case by case, however some don’t like that surgical procedure. They can’t see daylight.

— Nayeon

Immediately, Jihyo eyes widened. She, too, began struggling to see daylight after her surgical procedure.

It’s very exhausting to see that. It’s so exhausting for me to that.

— Jihyo

After listening to Jihyo’s story, would you continue to endure LASIK surgical procedure?

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