TVXQ‘s Yunho had previously been swept up in a scandal when it was reported that he had violated social-distancing measures by gathering in an escort bar with his friends. He has since denied his active participation in the escort bar and claimed that he only visited the location upon invitation from his friend to come and talk and had no idea about the location’s true nature.

On August 2, 2021, SM Entertainment launched an official assertion concerning the matter. The assertion comes after court docket proceedings concerning the ruling of his violation of the social-distancing measures. The court docket has since declared him not responsible.

This is SM Entertainment. On August 1, 2021, concerning the matter of Yunho violating the social-distancing measures in Seoul metropolis by gathering with pals previous 10pm in February, he was declared not responsible. He plans to sincerely fulfil the extra fines afterwards. At that time of time, he first visited the situation upon contact from his pal, and he actively cooperated with the investigations that occurred after the method of arrest. He has been deeply reflecting on worrying everybody in addition to the followers by his careless actions throughout a time the place everyone seems to be having it tough due to COVID-19. He is presently regretting the matter deeply as effectively. Once once more, we sincerely apologize for having involved many individuals.

— SM Entertainment

Yunho has since been reflecting for the reason that scandal.

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