The Transformers franchise has a documented historical past of public ridicule. Long earlier than the live-action films, the property was made enjoyable of for its laughable animation errors and the bone-headed schemes that stemmed from Megatron’s processor.

The release of Michael Bay’s live-action Transformers films coincided with the rise of memes and customers rapidly took benefit of the notoriety of the Bay movies to create many iconic photographs. With the release of Rise of the Beasts coming in 2023, now could be the right time to look again on the memes which completely sum up the earlier period of Transformers films.


Transformer Politics

On the floor, Transformers appears like a franchise centered on black and white morality. The Autobots are good, the Decepticons are evil. Yet it is extra nuanced than that.

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As could be inferred from the meme above, the principle battle in Transformers is centered round a distinction in political views. The Decepticons led an rebellion to realize management of Cybertron as a consequence of corruption of the ruling class, but once they confirmed their authoritarian colours, the Autobots rose as much as problem them as a consequence of their perception in freedom.

Mechanical Aptitude

Throughout the live-action Transformers films, the Autobots and Decepticons are capable of accomplish numerous spectacular mechanical feats regardless of their restricted assets. Whether or not it’s Ratchet’s capability to fix physique elements to Megatron teleporting Cybertron into Earth’s orbit, these robots show again and again their ingenuity.

Despite how clever the Cybertronians are made to look, nonetheless, they’re seemingly unable to restore Bumblebee’s voice field. It’s a reasonably ridiculous phenomenon and this meme reveals no mercy in eviscerating the collection’ lack of consistency.

I Don’t Feel So Good

Taking a cue from Avengers: Infinity War, the above meme brilliantly marries Peter Parker’s somber quote with a scene from the unique G1 animated film for max comedic impact. It borders on being distasteful, however in probably the most applicable approach conceivable.

Much of the meme’s darkish high quality stems from the truth that the Transformers films are fairly violent and filled with demise. The 1986 animated film infamously killed off a lot of the TV present’s unique roster of characters to advertise new toys, and the live-action films have additionally killed off fan-favorite characters in gratuitous trend.

Starscream: The Sentient Punching Bag

Starscream is without doubt one of the most recognizable characters from the Transformers franchise. He’s conniving, duplicitous, and weaselly, but additionally a loudmouth who is never profitable in his makes an attempt to usurp Megatron as chief of the Decepticons.

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As the meme above implies, Starscream’s treachery and large mouth lend to him being Megatron’s punching bag. It’s a job that is not tremendous pronounced within the live-action films, however the few interactions he has with Megatron signifies that the latter has little respect for his sub-commander.

Optimus Gets Turned On

Romance has been part of the Transformers franchise since its inception. The G1 cartoon had episodes devoted to particular person Autobots falling in love with human ladies and mermaids, some of Beast Wars’ best episodes featured an enemies-to-lovers romance, and the comics have completed a terrific job of divulging on Transformer sexuality.

Despite how widespread romance is within the Transformers collection, the live-action films take issues a step additional by making the characters horn-dogs. It’s largely relegated to the human characters, however the meme additionally reveals that the Transformers themselves weren’t secure from Bay’s juvenile humorousness.

Grimlock: Tripping With Finesse

One of Transformers most powerful characters, Grimlock is a tank that only a few Cybertronians can take out on their very own. He’s additionally an fool, one thing which is evidenced by the above meme.

While the meme’s humor works hinges on the expense of 1 explicit character, it additionally factors to a side of the live-action films. The Transformers, for all their may and energy, are bumbling idiots that destroy the whole lot of their path. They’re clumsy characters which are simply as able to taking out energy traces whereas hiding from odd residents as they’re of performing cool flips.

Decepticon Transfers Of Power

The Decepticons are a treacherous faction of characters who’re continually jockeying for energy. In many of the cartoons, Megatron has held a agency grasp on his place as chief, however the comics have had a revolving door of Decepticon commanders starting from Scorponok to Shockwave to Ratbat.

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While the live-action films have not had Megatron deal with many adversaries exterior the Autobots, the meme does level to the one time his management was threatened by another person. In Dark of the Moon, he groups up with Sentinel Prime to convey Cybertron into Earth’s orbit, a call that offers the previous Autobot an opportunity to take command of Megatron’s forces.

Evil Optimus

In most Transformers media, Optimus is the paragon of all that’s righteous and simply. He’s an advocate for private liberty, equal rights, and is keen to place others above himself. Above all, Optimus Prime is an inspiring figure.

When it involves the Michael Bay Transformers films, Optimus begins out with a few of his conventional beliefs, however rapidly devolves right into a reckless and vindictive assassin. This is particularly evident within the above meme which factors to one in all Optimus’s most ridiculous quotes in your complete film as he fights the Fallen. He’s clearly on the best aspect of the battle, however his comment reveals that it is likely to be for the incorrect causes.

Bumblebee At His Best and Worst

The Transformers films are extremely convoluted. It initially began out as a battle between the Autobots and Decepticons on modern-day Earth, however quickly nonsensical secrets and techniques had been revealed, comparable to historical Transformers combating alongside Merlin and Bumblebee working with the U.S. in World War II.

While the above meme hints on the collection’ lack of coherent continuity, it additionally factors to the disparate high quality of the movies. In only one yr, the franchise put out one in all its worst films within the type of The Last Knight and adopted it up with what many think about the best Transformers‘ movie within the type of Bumblebee.

Transformers Go Boom!

A commentary not simply on the Transformers films, however Michael Bay’s complete filmography, the above meme skillfully maps out the tropes which are current in Bay’s work. Every live-action Transformers film (apart from Bumblebee) is plagued by slow-motion, explosions, and Bay’s adoration of the navy.

While Michael Bay is an completed director with a way of fashion that few are capable of match, the meme demonstrates that his sensibilities should not according to these of the Transformers franchise. There’s a spectacle available with the Transformers, however there’s additionally questions on morality and commentary on warmongering, themes which Bay has by no means been suited to convey.

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