In an alternate universe, Tracee Ellis Ross would have been a wonderful meteorologist. “I’m checking the weather right now,” she says breathlessly from her New York City lodge room. It’s a busy Friday morning, and she or he’s T minus 60 minutes from leaping in a automotive after which jetting residence to spend time along with her family. That is, if the forecast cooperates. “Right now it’s 46 degrees and drizzling but as the day progresses, the temperature is going to drop in an insane way. I’m looking at the wind speeds too. We better get talking!”

The actuality, in fact, is that Ross shines as an award-winning actress, producer, entrepreneur and CEO. Travel chaos apart, she’s wanting to hold forth on all of the above.

“I’ve always loved telling stories,” she says. “It’s about connection and humanity and finding the differences that make our world so robust and textured and beautiful. I’m also one of those people who loves going to dinner by myself and asking people, ‘Who are you?’ I’m still that curious kid at heart. It’s what turns me on about life.”

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