Do you simply need to begin off by telling me about your partnership with CeraVe and the way it form of got here collectively?

I’m actually excited for this partnership, actually, as a result of I’ve been utilizing CeraVe for like a very very long time. It was in all probability my first skincare product that I used. And to today, I’m nonetheless utilizing it. It’s actually thrilling to have the ability to promote and be with a model that I really genuinely love.

Why is skincare necessary to you?

Skincare has all the time been necessary to me as a result of I used to be a gymnast from a really younger age to a few years in the past. It’s not that clear within the fitness center. You’re all the time touching your face. I bought began with skincare, which was simply utilizing a cleanser. And then I form of [thought] like, “Oh, this is important for me to do. I should probably take care of my skin.” That’s the place it began. 

What is your day by day skincare routine like? 

I begin my mornings through the use of the CeraVe hydrating facial cleanser. Then I do their hydrating moisturizer lotion as a result of my pores and skin is dry. I get up with dry pores and skin and I fall asleep with dry pores and skin. So I cleanse twice a day, generally 3 times relying on if I work out, however I take advantage of the hydrating cleanser.

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