Elena Vosnaki, writer and senior editor at Fragrantica.com and founding father of Perfumeshrine.com, says that gourmands have presently taken over the market, alongside fragrances with Middle-Eastern components, corresponding to oudh (although she says that’s extra well-liked in area of interest fragrances). “For the designer and mainstream segments, gourmands are reigning right now,” says Vosnaki, and he or she has just a few theories why. “There are several factors contributing to that: the pandemic, which made us all seek solace and comfort, the war in Europe which created a throwback to tried and tested solutions for the market, plus the companies that have been steadily producing and launching gourmand fragrances for the past 10-15 years,” she explains. 

Perfumer Marissa Zappas echoes the truth that most industrial perfumes launched up to now decade are technically gourmands, even when they aren’t essentially marketed that means. “In general, perfumes are much, much sweeter than they were 20 years ago,” she says. But although gourmands are extra widespread, there’s at all times been stigma hooked up to them. Zappas remembers working as a store lady at Annick Goutal, the place ladies would stroll in and loudly announce they ‘hate sweet’ and ‘don’t need something remotely candy,’ however stroll out of the shop with the sweetest fragrance they’d. “It’s hard for people to ultimately walk away from what they truly want. Strong aversions to sweet perfumes always feel a little misogynist to me for some reason, also a lot of cheaper perfumes are sweeter,” she says. “Humans crave sugar, fat, and salt.”

The idea of experiencing dessert in methods in which you’ll be able to’t really eat them goes past sporting conventional perfumes. Take for example Bath and Body Works, which is legendary for its dessert-scented hand soaps, physique lotions, and candles as it’s for the physique mists that many had as their junior excessive signature scent. “The gourmand category is an important part of our fragrance portfolio and we are always mining for the next fragrance to satisfy our customers’ sweet tooth,” explains Noelle Marois, Associate Vice President of Product and Fragrance Development at Bath & Body Works. “The food and beverage industries are ever-changing, so we love to look to the flavor trends on menus, festivals, or even local grocery stores for fragrance inspiration to identify the next idea.” For its latest vacation scent, Fa La La Latte, the model discovered inspiration from the cookie butter development, including hints of espresso and candy vanilla foam.

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