Nowadays discovering a great Manhwa is troublesome and a good Manhwa with greater than 300 chapters, is much more troublesome.

Manhwa with numerous chapters retains us engaged within the story and connects us with the characters in a a lot deeper means than the Manhwa with a small variety of chapters. And after all, you don’t endure via the weekly release hell.

So right now, I will probably be recommending you all the Top 20 Manhwa and Manhua with over 300+ chapters, so let’s dig in.

We even have ready a listing of manhwa with over 500 chapters and 400 chapters.

Here are probably the most Recommended 20 Manhwa and Manhwa with 300+ chapters:

1. Lookism

  • Author and Artist: Park Tae Joon, Taejun Pak
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Chapters: 420+


Lookism is a well-liked koreon webtoon which follows the lifetime of a highschool scholar named Hyung Woo, who suffers from a uncommon situation that causes him to have two fully totally different appearances. One aspect of his face is enticing and good-looking, whereas the opposite aspect is unattractive and scarred. He realizes via this newly discovered physique how society actually torments him. How individuals are two-faced as they’re in the true life.

There are a number of the explanation why Lookism has change into so common. One motive is that it addresses a relatable theme that many individuals can determine with: feeling self-conscious or insecure about one’s look. The most important character, Hyung Woo, twin life permits readers to see the world via his eyes and perceive the difficulties he faces due to his look.

Also it not too long ago simply received an anime adaption by Studio Mir which is on the market worldwide on Netflix. The 8-episode lengthy sequence is on the market in English, Japanese and Koreon language.

2. Noblesse

Noblesse anime summary
  • Author and Artist: Son Jae-Ho, Lee Kwang-su 
  • Status: Completed
  • Chapters: 544


Noblesse is Vampire centred sequence which is taken into account one of many early pioneers of the manhwa increase around the globe and remains to be fairly common amongst readers attributable to its diligent writing, killer struggle scenes and well-developed characters and their relationships. The artwork type can be extremely praised by many readers for its consideration to element and dynamic panels together with extremely aesthetic character designs on par with Bleach’s Tite Kubo. Moreover, a few of it’s possible you’ll be already aware of Son Jae-Ho’s writing from his common ongoing sequence Eleceed.

Noblesse follows the story of Cadis Etrama Di Raizel, also called Rai, a noble vampire who wakes up from 820-years lengthy life in Modern Day Korea and begins his new life as a scholar in a highschool based by his loyal servant, Frankenstein and befriends athletic teenager Shinwoo, laptop geek Ikhan, Shinwoo’s crush Yuna, and some others. He wakes up within the trendy world and begins to regulate to the brand new society whereas making an attempt to cover his true id and shield these round him.

Bonus: The series also has an anime adaptation with 13 episodes animated by Production I.G, and produced by Crunchyroll and Webtoon.

3. The Last Human

The Last human manhwa summary
  • Author and Artist: Amazing Works
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Chapters: 500

Synopsis:Ezoicreport this advert

The story follows a younger man named Zuo Tianchen, who’s the final human surviving in a world the place mutated zombies have taken over the whole lot. Just when he was positive he’d died, he finds himself returned simply earlier than that ill-fated day ten years in the past. With recollections of the previous intact, he swears he’ll shield the individuals vital to him this time round and reunite along with his previous lover.

The Last Human is an action-packed post-apocalyptic zombie story which can remind many individuals of the Walking Dead and Sweet Home. It is a well-liked manga sequence that has been extensively praised for its compelling characters and interesting plot.

4. Tower of God

Tower of God anime summary
  • Author and Artist: SIU
  • Status: Hiatus
  • Chapters: 550


The Tower of God follows the story of a younger man named Twenty-Fifth Baam, who enters a mysterious tower seeking his greatest good friend, Rachel. As Baam ascends the tower, he meets a various solid of characters, together with different climbers with their very own motivations for reaching the highest, in addition to mysterious beings generally known as “Regulars.” Along the best way, Baam discovers that the tower is stuffed with secrets and techniques and risks and that there’s extra at stake than simply reaching the highest. He should additionally confront his previous and the facility he possesses inside himself.

Tower of God is the One Piece of the Manhwa trade, being one of many oldest ongoing manhwa began again in 2010. It is a narrative that’s rich in world-building, lore, motion scenes, well-written characters, and their dynamics and is stuffed with mysteries which steady to captivate thousands and thousands of followers around the globe. Moreover, it is the first webtoon the receive an anime adaptation which aired in 2020 and attributable to its fast success already has a second season in work.

So you possibly can both the primary watch the anime which covers the whole thing of manhwa’s first season after which hop on to studying it from season 2 or immediately begin from chapter 1. Well, it’s as much as you however I believe you must give the anime a attempt because it’s animated by Telecom Animations and options music by Kevin Penkin, the expertise behind Made in Abyss’s.

5. Breaker

  • Author and Artist:  Jeon Geuk-jin, Park Jin-hwan
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Chapters: 310+


The story follows the character of Shioon, a weak and bullied highschool scholar who’s saved from a gang of thugs by his English School trainer Chun-Woo. Chun-Woo is a grasp of martial arts and the chief of a secret group generally known as the Murim. Witnessing Chun-Woo’s combating prowess, Shioon begs him to make him his disciple However Chun-Woo claims he can train Shioon provided that he’s actually decided, and Shioon should put his life on the road to show it. Soon he takes Shioon underneath his wing and trains him within the methods of martial arts. The sequence follows Shioon’s journey as he grows stronger and turns into concerned within the conflicts and politics of the Murim world.

Breaker begins out like a typical shonen, with a younger high-school boy being thrown right into a harmful world of super-human warriors, however the story takes many sudden turns via its complicated character writing and jam-packed struggle scenes making it the most effective murim sequence to come back out of manhwa trade.

Breaker at the moment spawns over 312 chapters divided over three seasons. You start with The Original Breaker which was launched between 2007 and 2010, after which the sequel, The Breaker: New Waves which ran from 2010 to 2015. After that, now we have the second sequel, The Breaker: Eternal Force which debuted in 2022 and is at the moment ongoing.

Moreover, the sequence is a bizarre mixture of manga-manhwa. It’s made by Korean authors, it’s launched in a Korean journal by a Korean writer and but it seems like a Japanese manga with Black and white tones and is made to be learn proper to left, nevertheless, the third season seems like a webtoon with lengthy strips and full color.

6. Wind Breaker

WIND BREAKER manhwa summary
  • Author and Artist: Yongseuk
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Chapters: 420+


“Wind Breaker” is a South Korean webtoon specializing in a bunch of excessive schoolers who likes excessive biking. Jo Ja-Hyun (Jay) is the scholar president of Sunny High. But he has a hidden aspect to him. He isn’t just a sensible scholar however additionally an excessive biker with extremely expert methods who’s able to bike restore and customization. Along along with his buddies at Hummingbird Crew, he competes in underground races and works to attain his dream of turning into an expert rider.

7. Soul Land

SOUL LAND manhua summary
  • Author and Artist: Tang Jia San Shao
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Chapters: 1220+


Soul Land is mainly the Jojo of the manhua trade. It has a number of elements every following a brand new protagonist set in a distinct time interval all going down in the identical universe. The sequence at the moment has 6 ongoing manhuas with over 1220 collective chapters.

Part 1 follows the story of Tang San, a gifted apprentice to the nice Tang Sect. Due to mastering the forbidden Tang arts, he was pressured to leap off a cliff and died. However, he was reborn into one other world crammed with Essence Spirits. At the age of six, each individual could have their essence spirit awoken. Spirits can take many kinds: weapons, crops, and animals; They may help individuals with their every day lives. Outstanding spirits might be skilled to interact in fight. A non secular grasp is the soul and coronary heart of the Combat Continent! When Tang San turns six, an enormous shock awaits him. His peaceable life on this new world will change fully.

“Soul Land” is an action-packed fantasy story that options components of cultivation and martial arts. It has been well-received by readers and has gained a big following in China and different elements of Asia and has been tailored into quite a lot of different codecs, together with a number of animated tv sequence, motion pictures and a live-action movie with Jackie-chan.

8. Battle Through the Heavens

Battle Through the Heavens manhua summary
  • Author and Artist: Tian Can Tu Dou, Ren Xiang, JOE
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Chapters: 390+


The Battle Through the Heavens follows the story of Xiao Yan, a younger man who’s orphaned at a younger age and ostracized by his friends due to his weak structure. When Xiao Yan was 9, his mom was killed by enemies and his father by no means talked about it. Until he was fifteen years previous, his martial artwork made no progress attributable to his mom’s ring absorbing all his progress. One day, Xiao Yan encounters the previous man Yao Chen after making contact with the ring. With the assistance of Yao Chen, Xiao Yan makes nice advances in martial arts and learns of the principle instigator of the dying of his mom. As he grows older, Xiao Yan embarks on a journey to change into stronger and search revenge in opposition to the individuals who wronged him. Along the best way, he encounters quite a lot of highly effective enemies and allies, and he should be taught to harness the facility of his personal interior demons with the intention to survive.

9. Martial Peak

Martial Peak manhua summary
  • Author and Artist: Momo, Pikapi
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Chapters: 2800+


Martial Peak is a Chinese internet novel written by Momo which was later tailored right into a manhua (Chinese manga) illustrated by Pikapi. The story follows the journey of Yang Kai, a disciple-on-trial (and ground sweeper) of the Lingxiao Martial Arts Sect whose life modifications when he discovers a Wordless Black Book. Soon he’s chosen to change into the successor of a strong sect of martial artists. As he trains and grows in energy, he encounters numerous challenges and makes buddies and enemies alongside the best way.

Several components may make Martial Peak interesting to readers. Some individuals may benefit from the fast-paced motion scenes and the battles between totally different martial artists and their distinctive talents. The sequence additionally has a robust deal with character growth, as Yang Kai and the opposite most important characters develop and be taught from their experiences. Moreover, the sequence has 2800 chapters, the best in the entire checklist so you’re in a deal with.

10. Tomb Raider King

TOMB RAIDER KING webtoon summary
  • Author and Artist:  Yuns, SAN.G, Redice Studio, 3B2S
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Chapters: 383


Mysterious God’s tombs appeared all around the world sooner or later, every containing a relic which grants its proprietor supernatural talents. Jooheon Suh is a tomb explorer, excavator, and raider whose job is to steal relics from others. However, he’s Betrayed by his employer when he’s despatched on an unattainable mission with no assist and assist. When he’s about to die by the hands of a beast, he hears the sound of a relic speaking to him and out of the blue finds himself 15 years previously, earlier than any relics or tombs made their debut. Driven by emotions of revenge, Jooheon makes use of his information of the longer term to say all of the tombs and relics for himself to change into the Tomb Raider King.

There are a number of issues that make this manhwa so particular, first not like most manhwa with dungeons Tomb Raider King makes use of tombs crammed with traps and monsters laying in wait which can remind you of The Mummy or Indiana Jones sequence. Moreover, the sequence is illustrated by the gifted artists at REDICE studio, the identical individuals behind the outstanding artwork of Solo Levelling and Omniscient Reader Viewpoint.

11. God of HighSchool

God of Highschool anime summary
  • Author and Artist: PARK Yong-Je
  • Status: Completed
  • Chapters: 570


The story follows a highschool scholar named Mori Jin, a taekwondo specialist, who’s invited to take part in “The God of High School” a event held between the bests fighters within the nation. As he fights his means via the event, he meets numerous foes and buddies every with their personal distinctive talents and learns in regards to the hidden world of martial arts.

Along the best way, Mori and his buddies uncover a conspiracy involving the event and the group behind it, resulting in a ultimate showdown with the true God of High School. The sequence is understood for its fast-paced motion, vibrant solid of characters, and over-the-top martial arts sequences.

The sequence additionally has impressed a 13 Episodes long anime by Studio MAPPA which is directed and written by Sunghoo Park, who has labored on quite a lot of common anime sequence together with Jujutsu Kaisen as an anime director and on Attack on Titan, My Hero Academia as Key Animator and rather more. He is praised for his experience in fast-paced and thrilling struggle scenes and digital camera motion.

12. Iron Ladies

Iron Ladies manhua summary
  • Author and Artist: Bai Chen Guang, Iron Scales Studio
  • Status: 570+
  • Chapters:

Synopsis: In the twenty first century the Earth’s assets began drying up resulting in mass interstellar immigration. Each nation began constructing its personal star fleets and mecha warriors. By the twenty second century, Earth has conquered over 10 million planets however the battle over assets solely worsened.

Now in the beginning of the twenty third century our most important character Mu Siyun, an unemployed college graduate sends his resume to the star fleet on a whim and in some way turns into the Fleet Admiral chosen to steer 1000’s of mecha lady troopers to overcome the universe. This is the story of an admiral with a harem of 3000 feminine troopers conquering the universe.

13. Tales of Demons and Gods

Tales of Demons and Gods manhua summary
  • Author and Artist: Mad Snail, Jiang Ryutai
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Chapters:


The story follows the journey of Nie Li, a younger man who’s killed in a demon assault and is reborn into his teenage physique previously. With his recollections of the longer term and his information of the occasions that led to his dying, Nie Li units out to stop the catastrophe from occurring and save the individuals he loves.

As he trains and cultivates his powers, Nie Li encounters quite a lot of demons and gods, every with their very own agendas and talents. He additionally meets a various solid of characters, together with different cultivators and highly effective warriors, and should navigate the complicated and harmful world of cultivation as he strives to vary the course of historical past.

14. Yuan Zun (Dragon Prince Yuan)

DRAGON PRINCE YUAN manhua summary
  • Author and Artist: Tian Can Tu Dou, D Ji
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Chapters: 


Dragon Prince Yuan follows the lifetime of a boy named Yuan Zhou who was purported to be born with a divine dragon blessing. But this blessing was stolen by the Wu Family, a rival household of the Great Zhou Empire. By stealing the blessing, Yuan Zhou was left unable to domesticate and was seen as a shame to the Zhou bloodline. Yuan Zhou’s dedication to domesticate ultimately leads him to discover a grasp that is ready to unblock his cultivation channels and permits him to freely domesticate. Of course, there may be nothing given at no cost on this world so the grasp had one request. He needed to shield a lady named Yao Yao. After being despatched again to the Great Zhou Empire and eventually in a position to domesticate. The story continues with Yuan Zhou making an attempt to change into robust sufficient in order that he may take down the Wu Empire to verify they pay for the whole lot they’d accomplished to the Zhou Empire

There are a number of issues that make this manhua so good first being its most important character Yuan Zhou, he doesn’t begin off as your regular overpowered protagonist however slowly beneficial properties energy via his steady arduous work. Second, its paintings, it’s by far the greatest I’ve seen in manhua with characters trying constant all through the chapters and mindblowing motion scenes.

15. Apotheosis

Apotheosis summary
  • Author and Artist: Ranzai
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Chapters: 1000+


Luo Zheng, the previous Young Lord of the Luo household, is now a humble slave whose father died and whose youthful sister was held in detention by a strong sect. However, heaven by no means seals off all exits. An historic e book left by his father reveals a secret divine approach, giving the reader immense energy! Using a God tier physique, to rival the world’s strongest opponents, when Luo Zheng opened his eyes, a legend begins.

16. Versatile Mage

Versatile Mage manhwa summary
  • Author and Artist: Chaos
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Chapters: 965

Our hero, Mo Fan, inherits a magical necklace—the following day, he wakes as much as discover that the world has modified. His highschool now teaches magic, and college students are inspired to try to change into completed magicians. A world that ran on science now runs on magic.

However, some issues are nonetheless the identical. He nonetheless has a trainer who sees him as a hopeless scholar, classmates who look the identical, a father who struggles to make ends meet, and a not-by-blood little sister who can’t stroll on her personal. However, Mo Fan discovers that the overwhelming majority of magicians can solely harness one aspect of magic. As luck would have it, nevertheless, he’s an exception—a flexible mage!

17. The Gamer

The Gamer webtoon summary
  • Author and Artist: Sangyoung, Sang-A
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Chapters: 440+


The sequence follows the story of Han Jee-Han, a highschool scholar who discovers that he has the skill to enter right into a digital actuality game-like world. In this world, he has particular powers and talents, and he can stage up and earn factors by finishing quests and defeating monsters. As he turns into extra highly effective, Jee-Han begins to uncover the true nature of this game-like world and the individuals who created it.

18. Rebirth of the Urban Immortal Cultivator

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator mannhwa summary
  • Author and Artist: Shiu Jianshen, Uncle Zhong
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Chapters: 890+


Chen Fan died within the midst of divine tribulation, having reached the head of the cultivation world in lower than 500 years. Somehow, regardless of the lack of his cultivation base, he was in a position to return to his youth as a highschool scholar dwelling on Earth. He determined to as soon as once more tread the trail to immortality, armed with the information he had gathered in his previous life, to overwrite his previous errors, take away his lingering regrets, and set a agency non secular basis that may assure success in his inevitable try and as soon as once more ascend to a different aircraft of existence.

19. Hero? I stop a Long Time Ago

Hero_ I Quit a Long Time Ago manhua summary
  • Author and Artist: Wuliao Kankan Tian, Hai Lao
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Chapters: 401


In the yr 2093, unusual monsters began showing round there globe placing the world in chaos. The authorities and armies did not do something in opposition to them and this led to a rise in crime charges. But then got here ZERO, humanity’s first superhero. He beat the darkish forces one after the other, captured the arch-enemies and killed a ton of monsters. BY 1998, three extra superheroes emerged and by the tip of that yr, the quantity elevated to over 100. By 2100 the crime fee declined, the monster’s emergence stopped and a complete new period of Superheroes started. But Zero the person who introduced humanity again to peace disappeared with no phrase till 5 years later he seems once more to search for jobs.

20. Star Martial God Technique

Star Martial God Technique manhua summary
  • Author and Artist: Mad Snail, Taxue Dongman Taxue Dongman, Lin Xia Pei
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Chapters: 600+


In the entire world there lay twelve paths to climb the Tower of God, and in legends, these twelve pathways lead in direction of the legendary highway of immortality. However, the paths within the Tower of God, are far too lengthy, with out finish.

In historic occasions there as soon as had been many forms of martial arts, sadly the world underwent horrible modifications, and solely three had been left: Flame, Dragon and Star Martial Arts. Generations of consultants in these three martial arts seek for the highway to immortality.

Accompany Lin Feng, a younger man who possesses the uncommon and coveted skill to domesticate the facility of the celebs. After being reborn into a brand new world crammed with magic and martial arts, Lin Feng units out on a journey to change into the strongest martial artist and obtain his final objective of reaching the head of cultivation.

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