Like their track “Friends” says, BTS‘s Jimin and aren’t simply pals — they’re “soulmates.”

BTS Jimin (left) and V (proper)

Stay, hey, you’re my soulmate

— “Friends” lyrics

Despite being opposites in some ways, these two have overcome their variations and shaped an unbreakable bond. Whether it’s on stage or behind the scenes, Jimin and V are completely in tune with one another…

…which may forestall mishaps.

BTS’s intense and complicated choreography requires a excessive degree of consciousness. Every member must know precisely the place the others are to remain in excellent formation and keep away from accidents.

This is very true for BTS’s “Idol” choreography. One unintentional kick to the top might result in a concussion or worse…

..however not on Jimin’s watch! Eagle-eyed followers have seen how, throughout the “Idol” refrain, Jimin at all times appears to be like to his proper, checking how shut he’s to V earlier than he kicks.

Jimin would possibly verify his spacing as a precaution, however this fan has a unique idea!

Check out extra of Jimin and V’s soulmate moments right here:

Here Are 8 Moments That Prove BTS’s V And Jimin Are Soulmate BFFs

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