The Walking Dead’s fundamental narrative began out with the character of Rick Grimes within the driver’s seat, serving to the viewers perceive the world he and his fellow survivors have been residing in. Actor Andrew Lincoln departed the present in season 9, however his presence lived on, thanks largely to a collection of long-lasting quotes.

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Many of those quotes despatched shivers down the spines of longtime followers, as every one would grow to be extra profound over time. Rick’s character went via many twists and turns, from gentle to darkness, and again once more, and his evolution was pushed largely by trauma, chaos, and bloodshed. Still, his resolve allowed him to tug via till the very finish.


Updated on March twenty third, 2022 by Derek Draven: With the primary Walking Dead present coming to a detailed this season, it is necessary to have a look again on the fundamental character who served because the linchpin for your entire present – Rick Grimes. Though he is not part of the primary narrative, his quotes stay on, a lot of that are spine-tingling. Rick’s actions led to every part the remaining survivors are at the moment preventing for, whether or not higher or worse and for that motive, he continues to be an important and pivotal character of your entire present. 

Turning Over A New Leadership Leaf

“How You Live, How You Die… It Isn’t Up To Me. I’m Not Your Governor.”

Rick apologizes in The Walking Dead

In the early seasons of The Walking Dead, character improvement was important when it got here to establishing the paths taken in future episodes. After Hershel’s farm burned down, Rick made it clear that the opposite survivors needed to keep a “ride or die” perspective in the event that they wished to stay part of his group.

Season 3 noticed the rise of the Governor, a character tied with Negan for the ultimate Walking Dead villain. Rick made a profound assertion when he basically backed off of his beforehand tyrannical perspective, muttering this highly effective quote that referenced the Governor immediately. It was a sign that Rick was beginning to embrace new methods of doing issues.

Slipping Into Darkness

“I’m Not The Good Guy Anymore.”

Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes in The Walking Dead

In season 2, Shane degraded Rick for making an attempt to outlive, whereas concurrently being the “good guy,” one thing he believed to be not possible. Rick corrected his ex-best-friend by dropping this quote to indicate that he was beginning to change, and never in a great way.

Fans noticed what Shane was changing into, however Rick was already heading down the same path. By the time Shane was killed and the survivors had scattered, Rick was fed up, pissed off, and paranoid. He was beginning to slip from hero to villain, with all of the psychological trappings that include such a shift.

His Beef With God

“Last Time I Asked God For A Favor And Stopped To Admire A View, My Son Got Shot. I Try Not To Mix It Up With The Almighty Anymore.”

The Walking Dead - Rick Grimes at Prison Fence

Season 2 noticed new challenges, threats, and heartbreaking Walking Dead events, not the least of which was Rick’s younger son Carl getting shot by chance while within the woods. For some time, Carl’s life teetered on the sting of a knife, however he lastly managed to tug via and get better.

Rick was left devastated by the ordeal, and it modified his means of trying on the idea of non secular perception. He was used to praying for good issues to occur, just for horrible occasions to unfold at nearly exactly the identical time, as evidenced by this quote.

About Fear Of Death

“Rest In Peace. Now, Get Up, And Go To War.”

Rick Grimes in the rain in The Walking Dead

During a heavy storm in season 5, Rick and the group took shelter in a barn the place he spoke about his grandfather, who had fought in WWII. The anecdote was designed to indicate the survivors that worry of dying would find yourself changing into a self-fulfilling prophecy.

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He shared his grandfather’s knowledge on the topic, which was summed up on this quote. In Rick’s personal phrases, “And then after a few years of pretending he was dead, he made it out alive.” Ironically, this sentiment could be mirrored in future seasons that includes the Whisperers, who shared the identical view however with a a lot completely different outlook.

Threatening Gareth

“There’s A Compound Bow And A Machete With A Red Handle. That’s What I’m Gonna’ Use To Kill You.”

Rick threatens Gareth in The Walking Dead

When Rick and the group made it to the city of Terminus, they did not anticipate the type of reception they received. Terminus was a group that simply so occurred to cannibalize different people for meals, and so they turned eerily comfy with your entire course of.

Their chief Gareth was desirous to get his fingers on a bag of weapons belonging to Rick’s group, to which Rick supplied to take him out into the forest and present him the place they have been. He then added this quote on the finish with a way of full leisure and confidence, which was spine-tingling to observe.

Sympathy For The Zombie

“I’m Sorry This Happened To You.”

Rick Grimes shoots a zombie in The Walking Dead

Before walkers turned commonplace in The Walking Dead, the present used them to inform tales about what could have occurred to those former people. One of the primary walkers ever to look on the present was a girl severed on the waist that Rick got here throughout within the collection premiere.

He would revisit the undead zombie later within the episode, uttering this quote to her in an try to indicate sympathy, making him one of the best Walking Dead characters within the franchise. That sentiment would fade shortly, with Rick rising to detest the undead for all of the distress and bloodshed they brought on. He shortly seen them as harmful vermin; a plague upon the world that wanted to be vanquished.

The Cold, Hard Truth

“You Don’t Know What It’s Like Out There. You May Think You Do, But You Don’t.”

Rick Grimes interviewed in The Walking Dead

When Rick and the survivors made it to Alexandria, it was virtually a slice of heaven. The group was self-sustaining, civil, and appeared to be run by good folks. It had all of the comforts of the pre-apocalypse world, not the least of which was a way of security and group.

However, the group shortly realized that Alexandria’s residents have been mushy, and had by no means identified a lot in the way in which of adversity. By distinction, Rick and his group had gone via the meat grinder a number of instances, and the horrors would stick with them for years. They knew what the world exterior Alexandria’s partitions was actually like.

His Own Personal Hypocrisy

“We Don’t Kill The Living.”

Rick Grimes’ evolution was definitely the one which The Walking Dead centered on probably the most. A major facet of this was the truth that Rick went from a by-the-book sheriff deputy to an unpredictable killing machine, in only a few seasons.

Having gone on a number of murderous rampages, whereas making many questionable choices, viewers have been generally reminded of his earlier sentiment, which bears out on this quote. Killing the residing was regrettable, however needed at instances. For Rick, it simply turned simpler and simpler as time glided by.

Rick’s Change Of Attitude

“I Don’t Take Chances Anymore.”

Rick Grimes in The Walking Dead season 6

When Rick first stumbled his means out of the hospital and right into a zombie-infested world, he tried to maintain as a lot of his civility and compassion as doable. He believed it was needed in a world gone mad, however his softness had left his group susceptible on multiple event.

After getting burned a number of instances, and shedding folks he cared about, Rick started to alter his stance. He was far much less forgiving of others, significantly these exterior his group. Anyone who crossed him would undoubtedly be killed, and Rick seen it as needed to take care of guard always.

Fighting With Pete

“Starting Right Now, We Have To Live In The Real World!”

Rick aims a gun at Alexandria's people in The Walking Dead

Season 6 featured one in all Rick’s most notable emotional meltdowns. shortly after he and his group made it to Alexandria, which is full of interesting hidden details. At the time, he was beating on an abusive man who tormented his spouse and youngsters. After Rick reached his breaking level and initiated the brawl with Pete on the streets of Alexandria, he soured his status with your entire group.

It took the intervention of Michonne to place a cease to his conduct earlier than he went too far. Rick was spiraling down a chasm of his personal making, and with out the leverage to reel him again to actuality, he would absolutely have was a Negan-type character in comparatively brief order.

Forcing Carl To Grow Up

“No More Kid Stuff.”

Rick talks to Carl in The Walking Dead

For Carl Grimes, the apocalypse was an enormous adjustment. It wasn’t lengthy earlier than this harsh new world pressured him to develop up lengthy earlier than he had any motive to. In season 2, Rick took Carl apart for a chat, a second which might echo in his thoughts months later when he was confronted with the choice to place his personal mom down.

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Rick’s chilly dose of actuality was bitter however needed. “No more kid stuff. I wish you could have the childhood I had, but that’s not gonna happen. People are gonna die. I’m gonna die. Mom. There’s no way you can ever be ready for it. I try to be, but I can’t.”

Fighting With Lori

“I’m Doing Stuff, Lori… Things. Isn’t That Enough?”

Rick argues with Lori in The Walking Dead

After an offscreen winter insinuating the group’s battle to outlive within the wilderness following the autumn of the farm, it was revealed that Lori and Rick’s marriage was basically getting ready to collapse. In the midst of the stresses involving the necessity to survive on a day-to-day foundation, Rick snapped at Lori with this quote.

It got here sizzling on the heels of a realization that Lori had grow to be intimate with the late Shane, whom Rick was pressured to face down in season 2. His demise cut up the 2 aside, and it did not assist that Rick had taken on a extra dictatorial perspective in the direction of the group. Isolated and withdrawn from the others, Rick sabotaged his personal relationship.

Threatening Negan

“I’m Gonna Kill You. Not Today, Not Tomorrow… But I’m Gonna Kill You.”

Rick threatens Negan in The Walking Dead

After encountering Negan and watching in horror as he beat two of his buddies to demise earlier than his very eyes, Rick was left traumatized. The villain had confirmed his level, and he spent an excessive amount of time driving that time dwelling in probably the most brutal and grotesque method doable.

Despite all that, Rick muttered this quote to Negan, face-to-face in hushed tones as a warning of what was to return. Negan tried to intimidate that perspective out of him, but it surely solely steeled his resolve. Ironically, when confronted with the chance to kill Negan and declare vengeance, he spared his life and selected to not grow to be the very individual he hated.

Becoming A Dictator

“Let’s See How Far You Get. No Takers? Fine! But Get One Thing Straight. You’re Staying, This Isn’t A Democracy Anymore!”

Rick and the survivors in The Walking Dead

Some people grow to be tyrants and dictators as a result of they imagine they know what’s greatest for these beneath their care. Power corrupts shortly, and with relative ease, and a person like Rick was no exception. After the tragic occasions of season 2, Rick’s character had shifted into a lot darker territory.

He dropped this quote on the finish of the season with the intention to dictate how issues have been going to be from that second on. Anyone who wished out was free to go, however for individuals who stayed, they’d should abide by Rick’s guidelines. This perspective ended up alienating a big portion of the group and did Rick no favors.

Losing His Grip On Reality

“I Got A Call.”

Rick takes a call in The Walking Dead

Still reeling from Lori’s tragic demise, Rick – in mid-breakdown – started listening to the sound of a cellphone ringing at common intervals. While the viewers suspected that Rick may need began to lose his grip on actuality, he was nonetheless holding onto hope that somebody could be on the opposite finish.

Rick spoke to a number of phantom callers together with Amy, Jacqui, Jim, and his useless spouse Lori. In the midst of this, Hershel discovered Rick ready by the cellphone, mumbling this unsettling quote. It was one in all many the explanation why Rick Grimes would never survive a real-life zombie apocalypse.

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