The mid-season eleven finale for The Walking Dead delivers stable motion, betrayal, and a shock casualty. “For Blood” opens looking out wall in Meridian throughout the day. Pope (Ritchie Coster), Leah (Lynne Collins), and Daryl (Norman Reedus) watch walkers strolling in a round sample exterior of the gates. Pope is aware of one thing is unsuitable. Daryl volunteers to guide them away, however Pope sends Wells (Robert Hayes) as a substitute. Who’s surrounded by walkers within the woods. Then knifed by Maggie (Lauren Cohan) and Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) sporting pores and skin masks. Maggie picks up Wells’ radio as he is torn to items.

A storm ravages Alexandria that night time. Magna (Nadia Hilker) notices the hinges on the rattling door are failing. Judith (Cailey Fleming) retains the opposite kids calm as they huddle collectively. Suddenly, a tree department crashes by the window. Kelly (Angel Theory) seems exterior. A fireplace rages within the windmill. A bit of the wall is blowing down the road.

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Pope is aware of the lacking Wells has been killed by his “enemy.” Leah is livid that he despatched Wells exterior if he thought “she was there.” Pope confronts her, “You’ve had a lot to say since your boyfriend showed up.” In Alexandria, Aaron (Ross Marquand) gathers everybody. They determine to separate into three groups. He’ll deal with the hearth with Magna. Kelly, Connie (Lauren Ridloff), and Carol (Melissa McBride) will repair the wall. Rosita (Christian Serratos) and Virgil (Kevin Carroll) will keep to guard the home. Judith needs to go along with Carol, however is requested to remain and take care of the youngsters with Gracie (Anabelle Holloway).

Pope asks Daryl for details about “her.” Daryl claims to know little. Pope wonders why he retains Daryl round. He compares Daryl to a “Tick dog” that he needed to strangle. Daryl guarantees to not “lick him.” They return to the lookout. When Daryl asks in regards to the energy of the partitions, the walkers enter a minefield across the gates. They begin to explode in chunks.

At the home, Rosita continues to board up home windows with the furnishings. Gracie tells Judith that “she wishes she were like her.” Virgil smiles on the interplay. He tells Judith “he sees her mother in her.” Gracie stands by the window and is grabbed by a walker. Judith chops off the arm then stabs it within the head. The walkers begin to pound on the door.

The Reapers watch because the walkers proceed to blow up. Pope is aware of Leah blames him for his or her losses. He spouts bible verses in a rant. Daryl and Leah share a involved look. Daryl sees Maggie and Father Gabriel (Seth Gilliam) of their pores and skin masks veer away together with his binoculars. He walks to the opposite aspect of the wall and provides the Reaper on watch a cigarette. He stabs him within the neck and tosses his physique over. Daryl factors Maggie to a gate. He runs down a stairwell and breaks the lock. Outside the wall, Elijah (Okea Eme-Akwari) is hit by mine shrapnel. He’s steadied by Negan. Daryl returns to the lookout together with his crossbow. Pope orders Leah, “Ready the hwacha!”

Maggie and Father Gabriel infiltrate Meridian beneath a rubbish pile. She tells him to “wait for her signal.” They cut up up. In Alexandria, everybody tries to carry the door. Rosita grabs a membership and orders them to open it. Judith watches in awe as Rosita bludgeons the walkers on the porch. She comes again in exhausted, “Stay away from the home windows.

Father Gabriel reaches the second flooring of a constructing. He opens a panel behind a wall and searches. Daryl follows Leah to the roof. Where one other Reaper is getting ready the hwacha, a rocket launcher loaded with arrows. Leah continues to be distraught by the lack of Wells. She asks Daryl “what it would be like” if they’d “never left the cabin.” She’s turn into involved about Pope’s actions. Pope radios that he is on his technique to be a part of them.

Daryl tells Leah the reality, “There’s people down there walking with the dead…my people.” She’s floored by the admission, “You lied to me.” Daryl was “protecting his family.” He begs for her assist. Pope arrives on the roof. Leah whispers “family.” Pope believes there’s “nothing more important.” He then orders Daryl to “find the woman and bring her to him when this is done.”

Maggie breaks right into a pink decide up truck. She hotwires it, however a Reaper sees her. Maggie flooring it and the Reaper is knocked away. She drives full velocity, after which rolls out. The truck smashes into the gates making a breach. Walkers begin pouring into Meridian.

The Reapers race to kill the walkers. On the roof, Pope orders them to open hearth into the courtyard with the hwacha. The Reaper engineer is shocked, however readies the rocket launcher. Leah begs for him to cease. Their persons are down there! Pope dismisses her, “God will protect them.” He screams, “The Lord speaks through me! Don’t question me!” The engineer lights the fuse. Daryl whips out his knives. When Pope turns to confront him, Leah stabs him within the throat. Daryl throws his knife and kills the engineer. Daryl rapidly cuts away the burning fuse.

A hobbled Maggie tries to run. She’s knocked down by a Reaper. Who is then shot within the head by Father Gabriel with a sniper rifle from above. Pope clutches his gushing neck as he tries to crawl away. Leah steps on his again, then plunges her knife by the again of his cranium.

Daryl tries to guide Leah, however she refuses. She clicks on her radio, “Pope is dead. Dixon murdered him. He’s with the enemy.” Carver (Alex Meraz) responds “they’re on their way.” “Why would you do that?” Daryl asks in utter disbelief. Leah calmly replies, “You’d do anything to protect your family…so would I.” Daryl jumps down from the roof as Carver’s males arrive. Leah takes command, “We’re going to kill everything inside these walls.”

In Alexandria, the entrance door can not maintain. Rosita tells everybody to go upstairs. The group makes a run for it. Judith would not see Gracie. She hears her yelling from the basement. Water is flooding in. She breaks off a chunk of wooden and provides it to Gracie as a weapon. They attempt to escape, however walkers are exterior the basement door. Judith locks it as they huddle in worry.

It’s a melee within the Meridian courtyard. Maggie and Negan are collectively combating off walkers and Reapers. Daryl is alone doing the identical. The Reapers instantly fall again. Maggie seems as much as the roof. Leah meets her gaze furiously because the hwacha fires. A fusillade of arrows rocket in the direction of Maggie.

“For Blood” units up an epic showdown between Leah and Maggie. Pope’s demise and Leah’s refusal to go away with Daryl was an excellent climax. Will he be compelled to kill his love to save lots of Maggie? It’s uncertain that Gracie or Judith are in any actual hazard. But it isn’t recognized what occurred to the opposite Alexandrians who went exterior into the storm. The second half of season eleven will certainly carry the Commonwealth troops into the fray. The Walking Dead returns for its remaining season subsequent February on AMC.

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