Nina Dobrev has been flexing her entrepreneurial muscular tissues along with her firm Fresh Vine Wine (by way of Forbes), together with placing her greatest style foot ahead at a number of style dos. Fans like to see her in her many roles, however the position of Elena Gilbert in The Vampire Diaries will without end be the head of her illustrious profession.

Elena was beloved essentially the most when she was human, however her fragility and doppelgänger standing meant that she had loads to concern in a harsh world stuffed with menacing Originals and witches after her blood. There had been enemies she was afraid of, and her emotional connections along with her family and friends stored Elena up at night time.


10/10 Elena Was Afraid Of Burdening Her Friends With Her Grief

Throughout the six seasons she primarily featured on The Vampire Diaries, Elena went through some terrible moments; the most important of which was shedding her whole household (each adoptive and organic). As a youngster, she was weighed down by grief and sorrow, and she or he was afraid to share her unhappiness along with her buddies, who had been all the time there for her.

Elena might have taken up house, however she selected to not. To her, burdening her buddies and being depending on them was petrifying, regardless that objectively, it was not a scary factor to do in any respect.

9/10 Elena Was Worried Something Bad Would Happen To Caroline And Bonnie

Elena protects Caroline from Damon on The Vampire Diaries

One of Elena’s best traits was the love and protectiveness she felt for all of her buddies – particularly Bonnie and Caroline. She even needed to safeguard new acquaintances, like Aaron Whitmore, however her supernatural buddies and love pursuits by no means actually left her buddies alone.

It is a sound concern to have, however Bonnie and Caroline had been much more {powerful} than Elena ever was, at the same time as a vampire. Caroline’s vampiric pace and power, and Bonnie’s magic had been sufficient to guard them. However, there have been a number of cases the place Elena was proper to belief her intestine since she did hand over her life to guard Bonnie.

8/10 Elena Was Petrified Of Getting Into Another Accident On Wickery Bridge

Elena stands in front of Wickery Bridge in The Vampire Diaries

This explicit bridge was infamous for the unhealthy luck it held for Elena, and the unhealthy information it meant for the Originals. Made of White Oak and the place of a number of accidents for Elena, she subconsciously feared this spot the place her mother and father had died, the place she had grow to be a vampire, and the place Stefan threatened to kill her along with his humanity off.

She by no means spoke of her reluctance in regards to the bridge, however the horror was clear in her eyes when she noticed Rebekah on it, and when Stefan misplaced management whereas driving. Too many individuals took benefit of her tragic previous and accident, which was so unhappy and horrific to see. It was not the scariest factor, however to her, it held an excessive amount of earlier significance.

7/10 Losing Damon And Stefan

elena and damon and stefan salvatore the vampire diaries

The Salvatore brothers and Elena had a deep, star-crossed connection, and so they turned a giant a part of her life in a short time. Elena beloved each Stefan and Damon, and so they had been extraordinarily essential to her. So, their loss of life was one thing she feared continually, particularly since in addition they protected her from numerous villains on the present.

For Elena, shedding Damon or Stefan was arduous for her as she struggled to discover a love connection that was simply as deep as those she had with them. However, given their vampiric powers, sturdy intelligence, and nice workforce chemistry, they appeared to tug by way of ultimately. Nothing might preserve these three aside.

6/10 Jeremy Getting Into Trouble With The Supernatural

Vampire Diaries Jeremy and Elena fight in the bathroom

Elena and Jeremy had been the one household the opposite had left, so it was pure that Elena feared for his life – particularly after she turned acquainted with vampires. She by no means needed him to even know in regards to the supernatural, which was why she compelled him a number of occasions for his personal good (which was one of Elena’s worst decisions, ethically).

This was a legit concern, as individuals like Damon, Katherine and Silas all the time used Jeremy as a collateral to blackmail Elena. She needed him to steer clear of all of it to stop simply that, however her nightmares got here true as Jeremy was killed, made a Hunter, and tortured to no finish by all the pieces massive and unhealthy.

5/10 Forsaking Her Humanity And Innocence

elena gilbert nina dobrev the vampire diaries 4

To Elena, her humanity was paramount. There had been many great things Elena did as a human, of which forgiveness, compassion, humility and love had been the very best components. She needed to carry on to her innocence as a lot as she might, particularly in a world which was darkish, merciless and stuffed with supernatural creatures who killed for enjoyable.

She needed to remain on the great facet for her complete life, and feared turning into hardened and callous just like the individuals she was surrounded by. This change was too nice for her and induced a variety of guilt for her when she misplaced her humanity.

4/10 Losing Her Family

Jenna looks shocked before a fiery ground on The Vampire Diaries

Family is essential for everybody, and the concept of hurt befalling them is horrific sufficient to freeze individuals of their tracks. The similar utilized for Elena, who beloved her household desperately, however, sadly, all of them had been taken away from her, thus making her largest consternation come to life.

She was left alone at a younger age, and even John and Isobel, her organic mother and father, died in entrance of her eyes. Jeremy was her solely household left, so she was fiercely protecting of him in order that she would not lose him both.

3/10 Getting Caught By Klaus

Elena and Klaus in The Vampire Diaries episode The Reckoning

Elena had the misfortune of being a doppelgänger, so her blood was the important thing to many issues, like Klaus’ wolf facet. Klaus was intent on first killing her, and when that didn’t occur, making her his private blood bag to create extra hybrids for his military.

If she had been to fall into Klaus’ clutches completely, Elena would now not lead a free life. Everything in her existence can be curbed and she or he can be his pawn to play with. Losing her freedom was certainly a scary outlook, which was why Elena did no matter she needed to to steer clear of Klaus.

2/10 Becoming A Vampire

Elena Gilbert in her cheer-leading costume on The Vampire Diaries coming down the stairs looking serious.

The attract of turning into an immortal, omnipotent being didn’t have an effect on Elena, as she knew that vampires had been largely predators. She all the time needed to remain human, which might give her the flexibility to boost her household and never wish to kill individuals for survival.

She additionally knew that she was all the time at risk of turning as a result of vampire blood was all the time in her system, due to life-threatening accidents throughout their battles. Changing of species was a severe matter, and a life-changing occasion, which did occur to Elena ultimately. It was certainly one of her biggest fears, and when it got here true, it led to the top of her relationship and life as she knew it.

1/10 Katherine Body Swapping With Her

Image of Elena Gilbert and Katherine Pierce on The Vampire Diaries, they are both bloody and on the floor after Elena just fed Katherine the cure to save herself.

Katherine and Elena had been longtime enemies, and Katerina was all the time envious of Elena’s life with the Salvatores. She needed a slice of her life, which was why she impersonated her on a regular basis. Elena had said that it was her biggest concern that at some point, Katherine would swap our bodies along with her and no one would have the ability to inform.

It would imply that none of her family members would even know that Elena was useless, or gone, and Katherine would achieve taking up her life. This prospect chilled Elena to the bone due to how insidious and lonely it was. It was her biggest concern, and with good cause.

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