The fictional universe of The Vampire Diaries is a really dog-eat-dog world the place survival is the principle goal, so it is no shock that many of the characters on the present have a minimum of one or two corpses that they’ve left of their wake over the course of the collection. But clearly, there’s a spectrum, from the characters who’ve finished the least injury to those that have finished essentially the most, and Damon Salvatore is undoubtedly one of many main gamers who has wreaked essentially the most havoc.

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Damon is arguably essentially the most violent and unpredictable member of the Mystic Falls gang, and he appears to be doing one thing unforgivably horrible each different episode. But after all, there are issues that he has finished that stick out because the worst of the worst.


Updated December 19, 2021 by Hilary Elizabeth: Although The Vampire Diaries has come to an finish, sadly, the laundry checklist of Damon’s crimes is fairly lengthy, from abusive conduct to his many, many murders. 

Covering For Vampires In 1864

Damon and Katherine in 1864 in The Vampire Diaries.

Clearly, Damon would have finished something for Katherine’s sake, and there’s something admirable within the depth of his love. But the truth that he hid Mystic Falls’ infestation of vampires in 1864 was finally fairly questionable.

Yes, nobody deserves to die purely as a result of they are a vampire, however these vampires posed an infinite risk to the human inhabitants, and plenty of of them had no downside with killing individuals each time they needed to. Damon retaining their secret resulted in a number of violence and struggling.

Turning Bonnie’s Mom

When Klaus Mikaelson arrived in city it is protected to say that everybody within the Mystic Falls gang was caught below his thumb — which makes Damon’s alternative to show Abby Bennett right into a vampire to be able to break the Bennett witch bloodline comprehensible, even when it is not acceptable.

Bonnie has all the time proven herself to be a workforce participant relating to defending her mates, so it is extremely unfair that she all the time appears to be getting the brief finish of the stick. And whereas Bonnie and Abby weren’t shut, this wasn’t a burden that Bonnie or her mother actually ought to have needed to bear.

Attacking Bonnie

Ian Somerhalder and Kat Graham as Damon and Bonnie in The Vampire Diaries

Bonnie and Damon really wound up changing into one of many best friendships in The Vampire Diaries, nevertheless it was fairly a rocky highway for the 2 of them to evolve into something apart from enemies.

There had been loads of cases the place Damon handled Bonnie terribly, however in a single significantly merciless second, he attacked her for one thing she finally had no management over. Emily possessed Bonnie’s physique in season 1 of the collection, and when Emily relinquished her possession, Damon almost killed Bonnie in retaliation even though Bonnie had nothing to do with what had simply occurred.

Snapping Jeremy’s Neck

Ian Somerhalder and Steven R.McQueen

This might have been a catastrophically dangerous incident, however the actual fact that Jeremy survived meant that Damon bought considerably of a go on one thing that ought to have ended his relationship with Elena and the remainder of the Mystic Falls squad for good.

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It’s regular that Damon took it badly when the 2 doppelganger ladies he was obsessive about rejected him. But presumably turning Jeremy right into a vampire, and even worse, really killing him for good, is a fully unacceptable response to rejection. Damon has all the time been problematic relating to romantic relationships, however killing Jeremy in entrance of Elena as a result of she made him upset is thus far past crossing the road.

Killing Bree

Damon and Elena talking to Bree in The Vampire Diaries

In equity to Damon, Bree did initially betray him and tip off Lexi’s brokenhearted boyfriend Lee that Damon had come to her bar, so the vampire’s response to that duplicity wasn’t totally shocking.

However, the truth that Damon killed his ex-girlfriend so emotionlessly was surprising, and it was particularly off-putting as a result of Elena had simply begged for Damon’s life to be spared. Lee’s choice to be form in Lexi’s honor was repaid by Damon ruthlessly ripping Bree’s coronary heart out, reminding everybody simply how villainous he actually was.

Ignoring Elena’s Choices

Elena is clearly Damon’s epic love, however as a result of he is incapable of coping together with his emotional ups and downs in a remotely affordable manner, he does not deal with any bumps within the highway of their relationship very nicely. And it is comprehensible that Damon may be very hooked up to Elena and desires to verify she will get what he thinks she deserves, nevertheless it’s not okay that he ignores or goes towards her selections so typically.

As an instance, when she was getting ready to die in Klaus’ sacrifice, he actually had no proper to pressure his blood on her and guarantee her survival with out even accepting her enter into the state of affairs and with out contemplating whether or not or not she needed to be a vampire.

Killing Maggie

Maggie James in The Vampire Diaries

In Damon’s protection, he had completely no concept who Maggie was, not to mention that she was the nice love of Enzo’s life (till he met Bonnie, anyway). And on condition that Maggie believed Damon had let Enzo die whereas Damon had an ax to grind with anybody related to the Augustines, their assembly was certain to go badly.

But that does not negate the truth that in the long run, Damon very brutally killed the girl that Enzo beloved.

Abusing Caroline

In the early seasons of The Vampire Diaries, Damon was unequivocally the villain of the story. But clearly, that does not excuse or clarify any of his abhorrent behaviors. And one in every of his absolute worst and grossest strikes was compelling Caroline to mainly be his slave. He used and abused her for no matter he wanted, and he could not even be bothered to deal with her with some primary human decency.

And after all, after it was throughout, he by no means even acknowledged how monstrous he’d been in direction of her. Although Caroline greater than proved her power he infrequently confirmed her even a shred of the respect that she deserved.

“Dating” Andie Star

andie star vampire diaries

Damon’s manipulation of Caroline was repulsive sufficient, however so as to add insult to damage, he did basically the identical factor to Andie Star just a bit whereas later.

Although Andie wasn’t fairly as scared of Damon as Caroline was, and even though Damon did not deal with her fairly as terribly, the actual fact stays that Damon was mainly forcing Andie into a relationship for his personal comfort. Fans grew to like Damon due to how he handled the people who he beloved, however Andie was a stark reminder of how merciless he might be in direction of these he did not care about.

Killing Uncle Zach

Damon clearly tends to deal with everybody round him terribly at one time or one other, however Zach Salvatore actually did not deserve even one p.c of the torment that Damon subjected him to. Their historical past is darkish, however Damon finally killed his “uncle” as a result of he noticed him as a minor inconvenience.

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Zach was one of many few people in Mystic Falls who had the braveness to face as much as Damon, however he really appeared keen to stay and let stay as long as Damon did not begin hurting individuals. However, Damon was clearly unwilling to conform.

Killing A Pregnant Woman

Sarah Salvatore on the vampire diaries

Just a few years earlier than Damon got here again and arrange home in Mystic Falls for good, he made a return go to. Zach Salvatore had a girlfriend who was pregnant with their daughter on the time, and since Damon is Damon, he killed Zach’s girlfriend and almost killed their unborn baby (however Stefan intervened and managed to avoid wasting the infant).

Stefan compelled away Zach’s recollections of his girlfriend and baby, however the actual fact that Damon might do such a factor to anybody, not to mention somebody in his household, is totally horrifying.

Killing Aaron Whitmore

Any time his relationships with Elena or Katherine are on the rocks, Damon lets go of his pesky humanity, and there are all the time a minimum of one or two lifeless our bodies left in his wake consequently. And it is not that surprising that Damon determined to shore up his relationship with Enzo by tag-teaming Aaron Whitmore’s dying, nevertheless it’s gross that he used Elena’s rejection as an excuse to be a monster once more.

Despite his relation to the Whitmore household, Aaron was an harmless bystander to the entire Augustine shenanigans, and Damon solely killed him as a result of he knew that it could harm Elena.

Killing Vicki

Vicki Donovan in The Vampire Diaries

Damon’s on-screen physique rely is excessive sufficient that it is tough to maintain monitor of now, however Vicki Donovan was unforgettably his first main on-screen kill.

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Granted he solely turned her right into a vampire (which continues to be horrible, however relative to Damon’s typical conduct it is not the worst factor he is ever finished), nevertheless it finally resulted in her dying and was simply the primary in a protracted line of Damon-induced deaths that wounded Elena and the remainder of the Mystic Falls gang. And he turned Vicki as a result of he thought her human life was pathetic and since he was bored, which clearly aren’t affordable excuses.

Killing Lexi

Arielle Kebbel as Lexi in The Vampire Diaries

Damon and Stefan have each been completely monstrous in direction of one another at totally different occasions on The Vampire Diaries, however Damon all the time manages to chop Stefan just a bit bit deeper than the opposite manner round. And the saddest, cruelest thing that Damon ever did to Stefan was undoubtedly murdering his finest buddy Lexi.

Damon tries to purpose away his actions by saying that killing Lexi was the simplest approach to throw the Founder’s Council off the scent of Stefan and Damon, nevertheless it was clearly a private transfer. Robbing Stefan of one of many individuals he beloved most appeared to present him the sort of brutal thrill that solely somebody like Damon would take pleasure in.

Leaving Enzo

Damon Salvatore has undoubtedly finished lots of of horrible issues in his lifetime, and he might a minimum of take some small consolation in the truth that Enzo wound up surviving, however his worst and essentially the most unconscionable transfer was leaving Enzo to die within the fireplace that consumed the remainder of the Augustines.

Stefan and Elena had been all the time an important individuals in Damon’s life, however Enzo was most likely near being on their stage, so leaving him to die so he might save himself is an ethical and private transgression that even somebody as casually evil as Damon would see as unforgivable.

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