During Get Real‘s episode on the upsides and downsides of idol fame, Ladies’ Code‘s Ashley Choi opened up in regards to the negativity directed at her as an idol, sharing why she would refuse to talk Korean throughout group interviews.

Ladies’ Code | @LC__Ashley/Twitter

Thinking again to the primary interviews she did as an idol, Ashley identified how her Korean abilities as a Korean American created a little bit of a problem. She mentioned, “After being raised in New York, I knew how to speak Korean but difficult words I did not know.

Because she’s solely human, Ashley had a couple of mishaps that made it recognized to others. She added, “So sometimes I would make mistakes, or my pronunciation would be kind of…you can tell I’m a Korean American.

She was attacked for these errors so usually that she didn’t even wish to be interviewed. Ashley mentioned, “And there would be people saying something about that too. And that made me just not want to do interviews at all.

Ashley obtained assist from her group: “I actually told my members, ‘When we have to talk in Korean, you guys do all of the talking. I’ll just be in the back not talking.’

Though she was the chief, who would historically take the lead, Ashley admitted she was “just scared.

Since idols are sometimes focused for quite a lot of issues, it’s unlucky that Ashley feared the straightforward act of talking simply because she made a couple of errors.

After all, errors are essential to study and enhance. Listen to Ashley open up about why she was so scared to talk Korean throughout interviews.

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