One of the most important present social media tendencies in South Korea is “body profile” footage. Although these kinds of footage, which deal with an individual’s physique, are frequent for fashions, athletes, and different health fans, physique profile footage have turn out to be a standard observe for anybody in South Korea.

Examples of physique profiles | Rachel Yohannan (Body Profile Studio)

The objective of a physique profile is to doc somebody whereas they’re in “the best shape of their life.

YouTuber Anna Lee documenting her personal physique profile journey | Anna Lee/YouTube 

Although the top results of a physique profile is a photoshoot at one of many many picture studios which have opened in Korea for this actual goal, the journey to taking a physique profile is definitely intensive.

Body profile photoshoot | Rachel Yohannan (Body Profile Studio)

For a very long time earlier than you propose to take your footage, you’d possible start an intensive train plan, typically counting on a private coach that will help you obtain your superb physique. You would additionally most likely must comply with a strict food plan since shedding weight and firming your muscle mass a particular method takes diligence.

| Anna Lee/YouTube  

When it comes time to take the precise footage, you might also should spend some huge cash not solely to take your footage on the studio however to presumably get a tan and hair removing…

| Anna Lee/YouTube  

| Anna Lee/YouTube  

Have the proper outfits…

| Anna Lee/YouTube   

And get your required hair and make-up styling.

| Anna Lee/YouTube  

| Body Profile Studio

The finish consequence, the physique profile, then paperwork all of the exhausting work and energy you place into acquiring your superb physique.

Example of a physique profile | Body Profile Studio

| Body Profile Studio

In 2021, “the keyword search of body profile in Korea surpassed 500,000” by August alone. Although celebrities typically showcase their physique profiles, impressing followers with their transformations…


Many younger folks have additionally been taking these footage, which some trainers imagine is due to the COVID-19 pandemic’s lockdown.

[I think] the COVID-19 pandemic has one thing to do with this development. I imagine that extra folks turned involved with their well being as they had been confined to the indoors and lacked train as a result of coronavirus.

— Kim by way of Korea JoongAng Daily

But whereas physique profiles would possibly initially appear to be they encourage bodily health, many influencers who’ve documented their journey taking physique profiles admit that they remorse getting the images taken. Although these footage meant to assist them obtain their desired health, as soon as they’ve taken them, many individuals find yourself “[gaining] more weight than before they started the body profile process.” Some may even begin to dangerously binge eat.

If I’d identified in regards to the aftermath of physique profiles, I most likely wouldn’t have taken them. After taking the images, I assumed I’d be extra free from the strain of shedding weight […] On the day I took the images, I ate continually for the following 12 hours. I ate bread, cake, and haejangguk [a soup with cow’s blood, beef, intestines, and vegetables] then I went house and ate pizza, rooster, and tteokbokki [spicy rice cakes] after which went out to drink alcohol and eat beef intestines.

— YouTuber Somzzi by way of Korea JoongAng Daily

Of course, despite the fact that folks might remorse their determination to take physique profiles, the images they’ve already shared with all of their followers solely encourage extra folks to tackle this health problem.

Unrelated train image

But whereas the images and vlogs of physique profile journeys could seem inspirational, the ensuing photographs don’t really signify actuality. A current YouTube video uncovered the reality behind these physique profiles, which, as with most social media, depend on image enhancing.

Two individuals who had beforehand taken their physique profile footage each admitted that they used enhancing to boost the ultimate outcomes.

Question: You two additionally had your physique profile photoshoots. Did you edit your outcomes?

Both: Yes.

Two folks with their physique profiles | 씨리얼/YouTube

For one, despite the fact that he touched up his footage with enhancing, he tried to remain “conscientious” and never do an excessive amount of.

I saved mine as conscientious as potential, although.

| 씨리얼/YouTube

The different felt that his arms had been disproportionate to the remainder of the muscle he’d developed and needed to appropriate that for the ultimate picture.

For me, it was about my comparatively smaller arms. The studio did a superb job at photoshopping them to look proportionate.

| 씨리얼/YouTube

According to a photographer, one of the crucial generally requested edits is to enhance abs in photographs. Since abs may be tough to acquire and form, enhancing can simply outline your abs the way in which you need.

The most requested edits are for the abs. We know that abs are the hardest muscle mass to construct with train.

Before enhancing | 씨리얼/YouTube

After enhancing | 씨리얼/YouTube

Still, these physique profile photographs possible wouldn’t be potential with out placing in exhausting work to try to construct your physique. Without having any muscle definition to go off of, it could be difficult to photoshop a sensible picture.

The factor is, for us to photoshop, we would wish some steering. So a little bit of muscle is required.

In reality, to have the ability to make a physique profile for somebody with out muscle, they might “have to merge different muscle images together,” which isn’t more likely to be requested.

In the case with individuals who have excessive physique fats and the muscle mass aren’t seen at all-like, not with out getting a CT scan-then we’d should merge completely different muscle photographs collectively. But… I don’t assume anybody would wish to go that far for some muscular images.

Example of earlier than and after enhancing | 씨리얼/YouTube 

Although social media closely influences self-image, which may encourage viral health tendencies, when you really feel inspired to work out, it appears much more sustainable to deal with train as a long-term objective reasonably than merely for a physique profile.

Although it’s for the self-satisfaction, I don’t perceive why folks put all of their deal with that one picture. You can’t guess your life on that one picture. Life itself is an limitless video. You ought to stay your life with that in thoughts.

— Kim Jong Kook

You can learn extra about physique profile photographs right here.

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