Paulie Gualtieri, AKA Paulie Walnuts, was performed by the nice Tony Sirico within the unique HBO collection The Sopranos and was a agency fan-favorite character. This is usually attributable to Tony Sirico’s finally charming portrayal of the violent mobster and a few of it has to do with the character being wildly unpredictable. However, quite a bit of the love from followers stems from Paulie Walnuts’ greatest quotes.

The Sopranos is crammed with humorous traces and characters, however no person even comes near Paulie with regards to humor. Sometimes he is deliberately humorous. Sometimes the viewers is left laughing at him and never with him, and typically he is deeply scary. Either manner, it is a near-guarantee that something popping out of Paulie’s mouth will probably be very memorable.


Paulie Walnuts Weeps For Italian Culture

“This Is The Worst. This Expresso S***.”

Paulie standing at a coffee shop counter in The Sopranos

Paulie (like most different main characters in The Sopranos) may be very pleased with his Italian heritage and seeing espresso actually makes his blood boil. While being served in a significant espresso store franchise, Paulie laments the commercialization of Italian tradition and delicacies.

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It’s not simply his anger that is humorous a lot as the truth that he says “expresso” instead of espresso. This Paulie Walnuts quote completely reveals how ignorant the character’s habits might be whereas nonetheless being oddly endearing.

A Merry Christmas From Paulie Walnuts

“You’re Santa Claus. So Shut The F*** Up About It.”

If there’s one factor Paulie takes extra significantly than his Italian heritage, it is entertaining the youngsters of the neighborhood.

The shy and reserved Bobby Baccalieri is hesitant about enjoying Santa for the children, forcing Paulie to face and reprimand him, saying: “The boss of this family told you you’re gonna be Santa Claus. You’re Santa Claus. So shut the f*** up about it!” Paulie Walnuts is a soldier by way of and thru, even with regards to Christmas.

Paulie Walnuts Will Pick On Anybody, No Matter Their Size

“It’s Like An Ad For A Weight Loss Center. Before, And Way Before.”

Vito talking to Bobby in The Sopranos as Paulie Walnuts makes fun of them

Poor Bobby is all the time getting the brunt of Paulie’s jokes. While goofing round with Chris, Paulie sees Vito and Bobby talking to one another and decides to choose on them as simple targets.

He turns to Chris, saying, “Oh, look at that! It’s like an ad for a weight loss center. Before, and way before!” Bobby says what the viewers is pondering – “This guy. Does he ever stop breaking balls?” It could also be merciless however it actually does sum up plenty of Paulie Walnuts’ character.

Paulie Walnuts Is Always Kissing Up To Tony

“You Hear What I Said, Ton?”

Paulie Walnuts tells a joke at dinner in The Sopranos

One of Paulie Walnuts’ greatest character quirks on The Sopranos is how he repeats his jokes.

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A working gag all through the collection sees Paulie making a quip, turning to Tony, and asking, “You hear what I said, Ton?” He then instantly repeats the joke that everybody simply heard, word-for-word. It makes the viewers chuckle each single time, and it helps cement Paulie as one of many goofiest and most hilarious characters on the present.

Paulie Walnuts Calls Them How He Sees Them

“Oof, Madone! He Looks Terrible!”

Leave it to Paulie to say precisely what’s on his thoughts. While visiting Tony within the hospital after he slipped right into a coma, Paulie is clearly instructed by Meadow to say encouraging issues, as coma sufferers can supposedly hear what others are saying.

Immediately upon seeing Tony connected with tubes and a ventilator, Paulie can not help however exclaim in horror, yelling, “Oof, madone! He looks terrible!” Though clearly inappropriate, Paulie’s outburst is a welcome little bit of humor in an in any other case darkish and severe time.

A Classic Paulie Walnuts Misunderstanding

“The Guy Was An Interior Decorator!”

“Pine Barrens” is commonly ranked as one of the best episodes of The Sopranos, and it is arguably Paulie Walnuts’ most interesting hour as a comedic drive within the present. While on the cellphone, Tony tells Paulie that the man they’re pursuing is an ex-commando who killed sixteen Chechen rebels with the Interior Ministry.

Paulie mishears him, telling Chris, “You’re not gonna believe this. He killed sixteen Czechoslovakians. The guy was an interior decorator!” To this, Chris famously quips, “His house looked like s***!” It’s a flawless alternate, displaying off simply how nice the chemistry between Michael Imperioli and Tony Sirico was.

Paulie Walnuts, The Historian

“Sun Tuh-Zoo! The Chinese Prince Matchabelli!”

Paulie Walnuts trying to pronounce Sun Tzu in The Sopranos

Paulie Walnuts typically tries to sound cultured, however he simply cannot fairly get there. Rather than it being awkward, nonetheless, it is normally simply downright humorous.

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During Tony B’s welcome dwelling occasion, Paulie drops some Sun Tzu knowledge on him, mispronouncing Sun Tzu’s title as Sun Tuh-Zoo. Not solely that, however he calls Sun Tzu the “Chinese Prince Matchabelli.” Prince Matchabelli is definitely a luxurious fragrance line. Paulie meant Machiavelli, however Machiavelli was by no means a prince. He clearly acquired confused with Machiavelli’s seminal treatise, The Prince, however good luck explaining that to Paulie Walnuts.

An Unexpected Visit From Paulie Walnuts Is Never A Good Thing

“Minn! Your Door Was Open!”

No scene higher encapsulates Paulie Walnuts’ dangerously unpredictable character traits higher than Minn’s homicide. Right earlier than killing the poor previous girl, Paulie is busted by her as he is rooting round beneath her mattress (after loudly breaking down the door).

Caught within the act, Paulie feigns friendliness with “Minn! Your door was open! I brought you something from my Ma!” The sight of Paulie’s head rising from behind the mattress is one among The Sopranos‘ most interesting visible gags even when it comes proper earlier than one among its darkest moments.

Paulie Walnuts Is Terrible At Interventions

“I’ll Make This Short And Sweet…”

Paulie Walnuts grabs Christopher at his intervention in The Sopranos

Chris’ intervention, whereas clearly not humorous as an thought in itself, has grow to be ranked as one among The Sopranos funniest scenes by users on Reddit due to the outlandish habits of these round him.

First, there’s Silvio’s story of discovering Chris handed out in the bathroom after which there’s Paulie, who’s comedically blunt: “I’ll keep this short and sweet. You’re weak. You’ve become an embarrassment to yourself and everybody else.” It’s a horrible factor to say in that or another context however Paulie does truly look after Chris in his personal manner and the truth that that is the one manner that he can categorical nurturing recommendation simply comes off as humorous.

Never Take Advice From Paulie Walnuts

“Word To The Wise: Remember Pearl Harbor!”

As humorous as Paulie Walnuts is, the present is not afraid of reminding the viewers that deep down he is simply ignorant and bigoted. This iconic Paulie Walnuts quote is an ideal instance of the present wanting the viewers to chuckle at Paulie relatively than with him.

While Tony B is speaking about his formidable Korean boss, Paulie is available in together with his recommendation: “Word to the wise. Remember Pearl Harbor!” Not solely does it not make sense within the context of the dialog, however Paulie someway manages to confuse Korea with Japan.

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