The Rising of the Shield Hero goes sturdy with its second season on Netflix, regardless of the information that Netflix will minimize down its animations for this yr, the anime scene on the streaming platform is powerful. The current arc, our heroes have fought the humongous Spirit Tortoise and have emerged victorious. And whereas the story progresses, let’s take a fast recap about who’re the Four Cardinal Heroes of Meromarc. After all, the King summoned them to turn out to be that world’s saviors.

Who are these younger males drawn from Earth to turn out to be Melromarc’s biggest heroes?


The Spear Hero, Motoyasu Kitamura of The Rising of the Shield Hero

The first on the listing is the Spear Hero, Motoyasu Kitamura. He sports activities an extended blonde hair held again by a ponytail. Of all of the legendary heroes, Motoyasu seems to be essentially the most enigmatic and friendliest.

He is extraordinarily loyal, particularly to his allies. And generally, that turns into his biggest flaw. Motoyasu is well gullible to ladies, which explains his place in Season 1 on the trial of the Shield Hero, Naofumi Iwatani. When Malty Melromarc framed Naofumi for rape, Motoyasu sided along with her regardless of the proof introduced to him. And even after the trial, when the Queen declared Naofumi harmless, he was not satisfied.

Like the jock that he’s, Motoyasu is well-liked with the women. In reality, his entire social gathering was comprised of girls, together with Malty Melromarc. It seems that when he was summoned to Melromarch, he carried his former lifestyle with him as effectively.

In his previous life, Motoyasu was a preferred University Student. He was courting too many women on the identical time and this sticky scenario led him to his dying. This storyline is afterward tackled in The Reprise of Spear Hero, a spin-off sequence about him. The spin-off sequence additionally provides us a touch a couple of relationship blossoming between Motoyasu and Filo.

rising of the shield hero ren


The Solo Player Sword Hero, Ren Amaki

Ren Amaki is the standard silent and loner character in The Rising of the Shield Hero. Unlike Motoyasu and Itsuki, he treats Naofumi extra pretty. But, his biggest flaw comes from his lack of ability to cooperate with others.

An instance of that is how he constructed his social gathering. Unlike the events of the opposite Cardinal Heroes, he set his social gathering to be like a guild. Meaning they don’t journey in a single group, however extra in smaller teams relying on their quest. He not often joins different members of his social gathering, and would solely achieve this if he deemed match.

Ren additionally has extra tendency to carry himself accountable primarily based on the implications of his actions. This is clear in his capacity to acknowledge his mistake when the Dragon Emperor that he slain remodeled right into a Zombie Dragon and prompted a plague within the close by village.

Despite having a relaxed picture, Ren’s pleasure took one of the best of him. In the latter story arc, they’ll face a critical menace, and Rem’s boastfulness would result in extra casualties. The occasions that can result in that time can be an thrilling scene to look at because the present progresses.

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The Justice-Lover Bow Hero, Itsuki Kawasumi

Moving to a different Cardinal Hero from The Rising of the Shield Hero is the Bow Hero, Itsuki Kawasumi. Just like Motoyasu, he has a extreme tendency to inflate his ego. As such, he deems himself to be the strongest of all of the Cardinal Heroes.

Itsuki sees himself as a steward of justice and as such he would go undercover to kill corrupt nobles within the kingdom. But that was a entrance as he solely do such issues for reward. His actions had been an end result of his extreme hero advanced, and he’ll do something for the sake of the “justice.”

In an alternate universe the place he got here from, Itsuki was a bullied little one. This led him to wish to turn out to be superior, and that was completed when he was transported to Melromarc as one of many legendary heroes. He can’t cope with somebody lowly, particularly when it’s a member of his social gathering. Thus, why he banished Rishia Ivyred from the group. 

In the latter story arcs, Naofumi was capable of knock some sense into him.

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The Rising of the Shield Hero’s Naofumi Iwatani

The protagonist of our story and the Shield Hero himself, Naofumi Iwatani. He began his journey in Melromarc as somebody naive and trusting. Later on his, too-positive perspective turned his doom when he was framed for a criminal offense he didn’t commit. This left him filled with rage and anger in direction of Malty.

But he slowly got here again to his unique self upon assembly the members of his social gathering—Raphtalia and Filo. Naofumi exhibits numerous care in direction of his “slaves” which made Rishia assume whether or not they’re actually his slaves.

He carries the Legendary Shield as his fundamental weapon. And despite the fact that, the opposite heroes ridiculed him for getting such a seemingly ineffective weapon, he rose above it. Out of all of the heroes, he’s the simplest one. He managed to defeat the Spirit Tortoise whereas defending his social gathering and different warriors on the bottom.

Later on, it was revealed that the Shield Spirit has particularly chosen Naofumi to be the wielder of the weapon. His innate nature for caring and compassion makes him the proper match for a weapon that promotes security and safety.

Watch extra of our heroes’ journey and their isekai story as The Rising of the Shield Hero Season 2 steams now on Netflix.

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