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This week’s Rings of Power episode lastly explored what the present had been slowly increase for a number of weeks. As Adar’s armies clashed with Galadriel’s Numenorean reinforcements, Sauron got here out on high and received what he was in all probability aiming at from the beginning.

Indeed, with Waldreg breaking open the Ostirith dam and inflicting Orodruin’s eruption, the Southlanders might be hard-pressed to proceed calling that pastoral land house. Mount Doom has now risen from the molten ashes of Amon Amarth, and Mordor is born.

Addressing this improvement in a current chat with The Hollywood Reporter, right here’s what showrunners J.D. Payne and Patrick McKay needed to say about this cliffhanger and its significance to Tolkien’s world at giant.

“A huge theme in Tolkien is the environmentalism and the way machines and industrializations destroy the land,” McKay mentioned. “We wanted that to be central and core all the time. It’s a thing that comes up again and again throughout the show. So in the writers’ room, we asked: What if Mordor was beautiful? All bucolic like Switzerland. And then what could happen that could transform it?

“We talked about the poisoning of the land – which starts in the first episode with the cow. Then you find out about the tunnels being dug and sulfur going up into the air. It all builds towards this geologically realistic way of igniting the mountain which now blacks out the sky for a very practical reason — Adar, our villain, sees the Orcs as his people and they deserve a home where the sun doesn’t torment them. We’re hoping it will take people by surprise.”

It positively did take most viewers unexpectedly. The as soon as inexperienced plains of the Southlands will now tackle a extra acquainted face, that which we’ve seen numerous occasions earlier than via Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings trilogy.

As for whether or not this was all of the work of Sauron or Adar’s initiative, or that all of them inadvertently performed into the large unhealthy’s hand, solely time will inform. One factor’s for sure, although; the individuals of the Southlands will not discover the place liveable, so Halbrand’s journey has mainly been for nothing. Unless the mysterious character turns his again on Galadriel and decides that swearing allegiance to the forces of Shadow, like his ancestors did, all of a sudden doesn’t sound like such a foul thought.

The Rings of Power will proceed subsequent Friday with its penultimate episode on Prime Video.

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