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Warning: The following article incorporates spoilers for The Rings of Power episode 3, ‘Adar’

For a long time, The Lord of the Rings followers have been clamoring to see the story of Númenor depicted in live-action. Now, with The Rings of Power lastly starting its run per week in the past, we get the chance to bear witness to the Land of the Star in all its glory.

Spoilers to comply with.

The third episode begins with Arondir waking as he’s dragged by two Orcs right into a labor camp. The Orcs are utilizing prisoners from the villages to dig underground tunnels, permitting Sauron’s armies to maneuver in daylight unperturbed. Except, their commander is just not the Dark Lord himself, however somebody who calls himself Adar.

Elsewhere, Galadriel involves on a Númenorean ship, helmed by none apart from Captain Elendil. She and Halbrand are dropped at the very coronary heart of Númenor, a metropolis known as Armenelos also referred to as the City of the Kings. There, the queen regent refuses to let Galadriel proceed her journey, and it appears that evidently the Númenoreans aren’t as welcoming to Elves as they as soon as had been.

One home, Elendil’s home, nonetheless stays loyal to the Elves. Elendil is tasked with maintaining a tally of Galadriel, whereas the heroine asks the captain to take her to a “hall of lore”. Galadriel attracts Sauron’s sigil and along with Elendil, they work out its which means. The sigil seems to be not a sigil in any respect, however an indication purporting to the Southlands (or Mordor, because it’s identified within the Third Age) and a plan which is able to flip it into a website for the Shadow.

Harfoots put together for his or her grand migration, however the Brandyfoots worry being left behind attributable to Largo Brandyfoot’s damaged, um, foot. The tribe unintentionally meets The Stranger and rebukes Elanor for meddling with him, however after they set out, The Stranger helps them carry their cart and sustain with the remainder of the caravan.

Galadriel talks to Halbrand once more, who has managed to get himself thrown into jail for getting right into a fistfight with the members of the blacksmith guild. The Elven princess has labored out Halbrand’s true identification because the king of the Southlands. She asks him to affix her within the struggle in opposition to Sauron, although Halbrand warns her that it was his ancestor who swore allegiance to Morgoth, the primary darkish lord.

Arondir and the remainder of the captured elves try to flee the camp, however most of them die within the struggle that ensues. Arondir is delivered to Adar, who nonetheless stays a thriller determine.

Isildur and her sister Eärien are additionally briefly launched within the third episode, with the previous attempting his hand at turning into a captain himself whereas the latter will get accepted into the builder’s guild.

As mysteries pile up and the plot thickens, this sums up all the pieces of be aware within the third episode of The Rings of Power.

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