He has a favourite Pinoy catchphrase!

GOT7‘s BamBam visited the Philippines this summer.

He held a fansign event and a concert in the country. 

Still, the Philippines seems to have left a lasting impression on him.

On September 27, BamBam shared the humorous GIF below…

See you tomorrow, noona

(My reaction/response)

— BamBam

A Filipina Ahgase (also known as iGOT7, fan of GOT7) commented on the post, asking him to return to Cebu City, a province of the Philippines. He replied to the Ahgase with a hilarious meme of himself from his cover for Vogue Thailand magazine’s June 2022 concern with an added Pinoy-related quote.

“Shot puno” is a well-known slang within the Philippines. It’s utilized in consuming classes, normally earlier than consuming from a shot glass or perhaps a full bottle of alcohol!

BamBam beforehand shouted “Shot Puno!” on the fansign in July.

Additionally, he even used it within the caption of his picture with ABYSS Company labelmate 2NE1‘s Dara (also known as Sandara Park).

Surprisingly, BamBam has now changed his Twitter banner photo to the same meme of himself featuring the famous Pinoy catchphrase “shot puno.”

The same Ahgase was excited to see BamBam’s response. Yet, that he additionally up to date his banner to the identical meme made it even larger.

Fans, press, and labels within the Philippines are loving it too! He’s positive displaying his love for the Philippines.

BamBam definitely has a favourite Pinoy catchphrase!

Source: BamBam1A and interaksyon
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