Actor Lee Tae Bin, who performs Lee Gyu Jin’s (Bong Tae Gyu‘s) son Min Hyuk on The Penthouse, just lately appeared on MBC every1‘s Video Star!


In the episode, he mentioned his character’s particulars and extra. However, probably the most attention-grabbing story was that his character had truly drastically modified from the unique script.

Actually, initially, Min Hyuk was initially written to be in love with [Joo] Seok Hoon. I’m revealing this for the primary time right now. Since Min Hyuk appreciated Seok Hoon and Seok Hoon appreciated [Bae] Ro Na, Min Hyuk was going to turn into much more pushed to bully Ro Na. But, in actuality, the individual Min Hyuk had eyes on was Seok Hoon.

—Lee Tae Bin

| MBC every1

The MCs have been extraordinarily stunned by this. Although, Tae Bin continued to clarify that it by no means made it into the ultimate script as now Min Hyuk is Yoo Je Ni’s (Jin Ji Hee‘s) love curiosity as a substitute of getting a one-sided love with Seok Hoon (Kim Young Dae).

The MCs then begged the actor to disclose the destiny of Logan Lee (Park Eun Suk) in Season 3. He joked that he truly did know what occurred and teased them, asking in the event that they actually wished him to spoil it. For now, he shared, “I was really shocked when I got the script. No matter what you’re imagining, [Season 3] surpasses Seasons 1 and 2 by far.

| MBC every1

Finally, Lee Tae Bin additionally revealed that there was a scene in Season 1 that was extraordinarily tough for him to movie, even inflicting him to drink alcohol to get him via it.

The material was one thing I’d by no means skilled, and it was so merciless. It was the scene the place they lock Min Seol Ah in an deserted automotive, wreck the automotive, and set fireplace to it. After I noticed the script, my thoughts went clean. I assumed to myself, ‘How can I portray this well?’

Since it was going to be disagreeable it doesn’t matter what, I assumed that I ought to go all the best way and make in unbearably disagreeable. I assumed I ought to attempt to [embrace my character’s mindset and] get pleasure from it. However, as soon as we have been on set, it was actually onerous for me to get pleasure from torturing her. After rehearsal, I secretly drank a can of beer which made it simpler for me to movie the scene and put my feelings into it.

—Lee Tae Bin

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