There continues to be no data for The Never-Ending Battle at the moment. But we will test in on the brand new protectors of Metropolis in Supergirl and Team Luthor #1.

Supergirl and Team Luthor #1

Writers: Roger Stern and Louise Simonson
Pencilers: June Brigman, and Denis Rodier
Inkers: Jackson Guice, Dennis Janke, and Denis Rodier
Colorist: Glenn Whitmore
Letterers: Albert De Guzman

Supergirl and Team Luthor was a little bit of a option to get folks to maintain serious about the Superman books whereas nonetheless trying like they had been critical about the entire ‘death’ factor. Much like The Legacy of Superman, this was a difficulty that I had proper after it got here out as a result of the larger dimension made it extra interesting to my mother. But rereading this it’s surprising how little of it I remembered.

In half that’s as a result of this outsized concern is, for essentially the most half, monstrously boring. It’s damaged down right into a principal story and a backup, and whereas the backup is barely higher, neither of them is especially good. The motion inside the concern is minimal, which might work, however the story on this one was just a bit too unstructured and bloated.

The first six pages are actually Lex Luthor exhibiting a spotlight reel of Supergirl’s actions to native politicians in a bid to get police powers for Team Luthor. The solely actual motion of the difficulty comes with Lex Luthor placing on actually dangerous Iron Man armor and going with Team Luthor flunkies and Supergirl to cease a terrorist assault on STAR Labs. The solely factor I keep in mind from this concern in any respect is Lex in some way breaking his leg within the armor.

Supergirl and Team Luthor DC Comics 1993 Stern Brigman Guice Janke Whitmore

The remainder of the principle plot principally simply emphasizes the callousness of Lex Luthor II. He’s only a genuinely merciless and bitter man all through this particular, whereas nonetheless hiding behind a face of altruism to the general public. It’s nice for the character improvement, for certain, however I’m unsure that we would have liked a complete deluxe particular dedicated to it. It feels prefer it’s a kind of issues that works higher within the background than it does as the one focus. This particular did totally resolve the Hellgrammite plot, although, with Lex Luthor deducing that Markham was the one who tried to have him killed, and utilizing Supergirl to fake to be that very monster to coerce a confession out of the manager.

But therein lies my greatest downside with this concern. Supergirl’s characterization in each tales is totally horrible. I get the sensation that this concern was meant to indicate what an in poor health impact Lex was having on her, and if that was the purpose it does a great job of it. But the way in which Supergirl behaves all through the difficulty is simply vapid and imply, the antithesis of what most readers need from the character. She’s a lovestruck faculty woman, and he or she’s turning into simply as self-centered as Lex himself is, as evidenced by her dialog with Lois.

But there are two issues that get me extra riled up about her characterization than anything on this ebook. The first is when she encounters (whereas shifted into the type of Dr. Kelly) two gossiping ladies within the hallway telling blonde jokes. She will get extraordinarily offended, likening blonde jokes to horrific discrimination. This is extraordinarily bizarre as a result of, once more, her pure kind is purple goo. She’s not truly a blonde, that’s simply the shape she makes use of most frequently. The whole sequence simply doesn’t land for me and feels slightly bit short-sighted, to say the least.

Supergirl and Team Luthor DC Comics 1993 Simonson Rodier Whitmore

The different massive downside I’ve comes from the backup story by Louis Simonson. I’ve talked about earlier than that Simonson’s Underworlders are principally lower entire fabric from the Morlocks of the X-Men comics, and this story simply reinforces that assertion. A number of of them go above floor to see if a shelter is likely to be amenable to them, however as quickly as a man sees that they aren’t totally human, he lashes out in violence. This is totally a Marvel mutant plotline, right down to the poor Underworlder’s powers flaring up as a result of he’s scared and the sparks he produces setting fireplace to the orphanage. And right here’s the place the issue is available in as Supergirl saves the day. She holds either side equally accountable for the destruction of the shelter, and when she returns to Lex she reacts in worry to the “monsters” of Underworld. I don’t ever desire a Superfamily member to be what I’d take into account to be an X-Men villain, so this plot simply out and out disappoints me.

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