The Kid grows up in Adventures of Superman #504.

Adventures of Superman #504

Triangle Number 1993 – 27

Writer: Karl Kesel
Penciler: Tom Grummett
Inker: Doug Hazlewood
Colorist: Glenn Whitmore
Letterer: Albert De Guzman

Like on Superman #81, the Superman in black on the duvet of this difficulty has brief hair, and it might be one other two points earlier than we’d see a canopy that precisely depicted his new fashion. As a lot as I desire Superman with brief hair, it’s actually sort of disconcerting to see him with that look within the black and silver costume.

The choice to open Adventures of Superman with the inside monologues of the three Supermen heading in the direction of Engine City is an excellent selection to obviously illustrate every of their driving motivations as they head in the direction of what’s a seemingly unwinnable battle. Superman is discouraged, however pushed and indignant on the perversion of his image. The Man of Steel is awed by the presence the Superman in black presents and finds himself believing that perhaps, simply perhaps, this one is for actual. The Kid? He’s hungry. But his flashback to only earlier than they left for Engine City additionally illustrates precisely how a lot he’s grown as a personality over the past 4 months of tales. He’s nonetheless immature and a little bit impulsive, however he additionally very clearly has his coronary heart in the precise place. As a lot as any difficulty in “Reign of the Supermen” to date, this difficulty proves to be the Kid’s coming-of-age story.

The majority of this difficulty is only a huge motion set-piece as Steel, the Kid and the Man in Black start to make their manner by way of Engine City. Tom Grummett and Doug Hazlewood do a incredible job with this, drawing completely dynamic battle sequences and really working to make the Man in Black look a bit extra grizzled than their regular depictions of Superman.

Karl Kesel additionally works wonders with the dialogue on this difficulty, particularly the quips that the Kid delivers all through the battle scenes. Steel and the Man in Black are rather more severe, and pushed; however the Kid, regardless of the stakes, continues to be having the time of his life. An trade that all the time stands out to me is the Man in Black loading himself up with alien weaponry, saying that if he’s the world’s largest boy scout, he would possibly as nicely comply with their motto, and the Kid retorts with “Let’s earn some merit badges!” The characters play off of one another fantastically.

Adventures of Superman 504 DC Comics 1993 Kesel Grummett Hazlewood Whitmore De Guzman Boy Scout

As the three work their manner into the depths of the town, they encounter the missile aimed toward Metropolis and earlier than they will do something it’s launched, with simply sufficient time for the heroes to take cowl. The Kid, nonetheless, determined that it was as much as him to forestall what occurred to Coast City from occurring to Metropolis. As the opposite two proceed their assault, the Kid works to cease the missile, and as he does, there are snippets of Metropolis reacting. Tana Moon experiences on the occasion, very like Lois Lane earlier than her as her buddy battles to save lots of Metropolis. Lex Luthor desperately looking for Supergirl, who has gone lacking. The Daily Planet workers watches in horror because the rocket streaks proper for them. The Kid manages to divert the missile, however solely simply barely earlier than it explodes over the harbor. It appears that in a single final selfless act, the Kid lived as much as the title he’d trademarked.

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