The cheeseburger that Anya Taylor-Joy eats on the finish of 2022’s The Menu is recreated in all its mouthwatering glory by YouTube chef Andrew Rea.

Warning: This article comprises spoilers for The MenuThe Menu‘s iconic cheeseburger has been recreated in mouthwatering element. The movie, which premiered in theaters on November 18, 2022, follows Anya Taylor-Joy as Margot, who is dropped at a restaurant on a secluded island run by the reclusive Chef Slowik (Ralph Fiennes). It quickly turns into clear that the meal is supposed to be Slowik’s swan tune, a creative assertion that includes the demise of each buyer. However, his plan is interrupted by Margot interesting to his childhood love of meals by ordering a cheeseburger, a method that strikes him a lot that he permits her to flee.


On the Babish Culinary Universe sequence Binging with Babish, YouTube chef Andrew Rea took it upon himself to recreate the long-lasting cheeseburger from The Menu.

With this video, the sequence comes full circle after being created in 2016 to observe Rea’s efforts to recreate a burger featured in a cook-off on the NBC sitcom Parks and Recreation. However, identical to Chef Slowik within the movie, Rea makes use of extra superior methods to carry this explicit merchandise to life.

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Ralph Fiennes as Chef Julian with The Menu's Cheeseburger

The cheeseburger serves many functions in The Menu. One such goal is the juxtaposition of a bit of meals considered as “low class” being ready by an expert chef. This is at its core a mirrored image of Margot’s relationship to the restaurant itself.

The deeper which means the cheeseburger holds is evocative of an analogous theme to Pixar’s 2007 film Ratatouille. In that movie, a well-prepared easy dish of ratatouille warms the center of the bitter critic Anton Ego by reminding him of his childhood. Fiennes’ Slowik is an analogous character, a person whose coronary heart has been hardened and whose tastes have been calcified by the expectations of the world of tremendous eating.

The Menu permits Margot to dwell as a result of she understands who Slowik is at his very core. Ordering the cheeseburger is her intelligent manner of connecting to the one a part of the chef that also has optimistic emotions about making ready meals. When all of this is dropped at life by the exact character work carried out by Taylor-Joy and Fiennes (who had been each nominated for Golden Globes for his or her roles), the scene turns into about rather more than only a burger.

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