Lord Sangheon’s greed for energy drives Yi Hwi to secretly oversee state affairs within the newest episode of The King’s Affection.

With the brand new king’s reign barely started, Lord Sangheon makes use of his place to smuggle armies into the palace. Meanwhile, Yi Hwi agrees brazenly when she confronts her grandfather, however she secretly works with officer Yoon to uncover her grandfather’s non-public military and the poison he used to assassinate the late king.

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The King’s Affection Episode 14 Key Moments

“Two months will be enough. I will not say anything or express any of my feelings.”

Desperate to guard Yi Hwi, Ji-un visits his father and requests assist to search out him a place within the palace.

Whereas, Seok-jo believes that he doesn’t belong within the palace as a result of he’s conscious of the distinction between proper and fallacious, he understands that what is correct is just not essentially the right reply. He believes that individuals like him wouldn’t survive within the palace however Ji-un guarantees that he’ll adapt to that world.

Seok-jo then makes a go to to Yi Hwi’s grandfather, who’s now the Chief State Councilor, and requests permission for his son to be close to the king. However, Lord Sangheon informs him that his son tried to take the king and go away, and that he must be grateful that he didn’t punish him.

During their dialog, Seok-jo reminds Lord Sangheon of his promise when he took somebody’s life for him. As his aim has been completed, he believes it’s Seok-jo’s flip to grant his request to acquire a job for his son within the palace as a reward.

The following day, on Yi Hwi’s early stroll, she encounters Scribe Ji-un. Ji-un assures Yi Hwi that he’ll stay close to her for 2 months till her wounds heal. He additionally intends to not communicate to her or categorical any of his emotions.

“Please continue to let me handle these burdensome matters so that you can give your full attention to producing an heir.”

Throughout the court docket dialogue, Lord Sangheon seems to grab management of each palace determination, leaving Yi Hwi to adjust to something he says.

After the assembly, Lord Sangheon approaches Yi Hwi to see if he has upset her. He subsequently explains that because of the urgency of the state of affairs, he failed to tell Yi Hwi and dealt with it himself.

Showing no argument along with her grandfather’s methods, Yi Hwi solely expresses that she respects what he’s doing on her behalf as a king.

Correspondingly, Lord Sangheon asks Yi Hwi to permit him to proceed dealing with the burdensome duties so she will dedicate her full consideration to producing an inheritor. He additionally encourages Yi Hwi to strengthen her political realms for the sake of the late King.

This definitely means someone secretly hoarded some of it or someone was trying to secretly use the cargo ship for a private matter.”

At the royal institute, Scribe Ji-un is listening to his earlier fellow tutors relating to the correct distribution of rice to the military. According to at least one tutor, the responses they obtained from the provinces point out that they obtained fewer.

His colleague is definite that somebody has both covertly saved a number of the rice or is making an attempt to make the most of the cargo ship for personal functions.

However, the Chief Royal Secretary warns them to thoughts their phrases as a result of the individual they referenced is the Minister of Taxation, who’s on Lord Sangheon’s facet.

Following their dialogue, the Chief Secretary instructs Ji-un to deliver some gadgets to the Royal History Archive.

On his technique to the archives, he sees Eunuch Hong and Yi Hwi going someplace. Consequently, Ji-un follows the 2 and learns that Yi Hwi is secretly assembly with officer Yoon.

Apparently, as Ji-un overhears officer Yoon and Yi Hwi conversing, it’s true that Yi Hwi’s grandfather employs the Minister of Taxation to smuggle weapons via cargo ships. Although, Yoon advises Yi Hwi to take precautions in managing state enterprise discreetly since she’s going to put herself in peril if Lord Sangheon finds out.

The King’s Affection Episode 14 Musings

In comparability to different puppet kings we’re conversant in, we are able to declare that Yi Hwi is essentially the most brave and intelligent on this episode, as she doesn’t flip a blind eye to the welfare of her kingdom.

Additionally, she is conscious of what’s going on in state affairs and covertly meets with officer Yoon to show her grandfather’s wrongdoings. This solely will increase our hope that her efforts will succeed and that justice can be served for the harmless lives Lord Sangheon has taken for energy.

Likewise, we witness from this episode that the fated couple didn’t fail to make our hearts flutter when Yi Hwi, regardless of her completely healed wound, requests Ji-un to remain within the palace and be with him for a bit of longer.

Furthermore, as battle is a certainty in every episode, we’ve got Seok-jo choosing up the items as he investigates Dam-i’s case and the prince he mistakenly killed, in addition to confirming that the king is disguised as a lady.

Don’t miss Ji-un and Yi Hwi’s poignant palace romance within the newest episodes of The King’s Affection on Netflix!

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