The latest alternate DC universe takes notes from Pacific Rim with your complete world going all in on mech protection to cease Darkseid and Apokolips.

Warning! Spoilers forward for DC: MECH #1

DC’s latest universe is actually Pacific Rim with an thrilling Justice League twist. Featuring a world the place the Justice Society of America was slain on the finish of WWII, Earth and its future heroes sought new technique of combating again towards the forces of Darkseid and his huge parademons. As such, DC: MECH stars a gaggle of courageous pilots coming collectively within the hope that their spectacular rigs will likely be sufficient to “cancel the Apokolips”.

DC: MECH is written by Kenny Porter with artwork by Baldemar Rivas. Taking place in an alternate timeline, this new sequence follows different mech and Gundam tales which have been seen over time reminiscent of Marvel’s Avengers: Mech Strike. Inspired by movies just like the Pacific Rim franchise, there’s one thing actually epic within the easy idea of large mechs being constructed to defend humanity from equally huge creatures (be they Parademon, Kaiju, or one thing else solely). As a bonus, it’s very entertaining to see how the powers and heroes of the Justice League have been tailored into this mech-focused world the place even the villains have mechs of their very own.


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As seen within the new DC: MECH #1, mech-pilot Wally West has been deployed to tackle this world’s model of the Rogues, a villainous crew wreaking havoc in Metropolis. Taking over for the earlier pilot in control of Project Flash (Barry Allen), Wally now mans probably the most agile rigs on the earth with its spectacular thrusters. However, even the Fastest Mech Alive wants backup, and the Rogues starting to overpower Flash gives the right alternative for Bruce Wayne to deploy his multi-billion dollar Batman mech to assist West out. As such, it’s clear that the world has gone all-in on large mechs defending the world, not in contrast to the worldwide response to the interdimensional Kaiju invasion seen in Pacific Rim.

Batman Rescues Flash In DC Mech #1

While Flash and Batman’s battle is interrupted by the arrival of Darkseid’s world Apokolips and his large Parademons, Superman and his Kryptonian-made mech arrive simply in time to supply assist. Even although Batman instantly distrusts this alien newcomer from one other world, Superman’s all-silver rig shows a formidable arsenal that will likely be invaluable because the sequence continues. With extra pilots being recruited within the points to come back, it’s clear that this will likely be a Justice League the likes of which DC followers have by no means seen. Rather than wielding the ability themselves, all the ability apparently lies with their mechs.

It’s going to be thrilling to see how the remainder of the Justice League comes collectively in future points. While Flash and Batman appear to be a part of the identical activity drive, this primary problem teases that heroes reminiscent of Green Lantern and Wonder Woman are a part of a joint-government operation (a la Pacific Rim). DC: MECH #1 is on sale now.

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