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Netflix‘s hit K-Drama, The Glory’s Jung Ji So shocked netizens together with her drastic transformation.

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Jung Ji So | KBS

The actress, who performed the position of Moon Dong Eun in her youth on Netflix’s The Glory, not too long ago uploaded a collection of images on her Instagram.

In the images, Jung Ji So, who beforehand sported a grey hair shade, had dyed her hair shiny purple!

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Jung Ji So | @mint_ziso/Instagram

The actress’s co-star Shin Ye Eun reacted to the sudden change with a query, to which Jung Ji So revealed the explanation she determined to make the change.

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  • Shin Ye Eun: “Jido (Jiso), why is your hair so pinky pink?”
  • Jung Ji So: “Since I’m resting, I decided to switch up my vibe, so I tried (turning my hair) pinky pink.”

In one other latest image, Jung Ji So will be seen together with her WSG Wannabe members. In the image the actress will be seen exhibiting off her new hair shade.

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Soyeon (heart) and Lee Boram (proper) | @mint_ziso/Instagram

Netizens reacted overwhelmingly positively to the actress’s new hair shade.

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  • “It is my birthday today, and this picture is a great way to end the day.”
  • “You’re so pretty, Ji So.”
  • “I’m re-watching The Glory, again. It’s only January, ㅠㅠ. When is March going to come?”
  • “How is it that red hair even looks good on you? You’re checking your temperature, LOL. You’re so cute and clever. I’m going to faint, ㅠㅠ.”
  • “Oh my, I can’t believe you dyed your hair.”
  • “Nuna, you’re so pretty, ㅠ.”

Jung Ji So has been catapulted to stardom after showing as younger Moon Dong Eun in The Glory. The actress has been hailed for her reasonable and sometimes heart-breaking portrayal of a sufferer of faculty bullying.

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