The Flash season 7 launched the Still Force, which is the fourth and newest Cosmic Force within the Arrowverse. Past seasons of the DC TV drama have centered on the Scarlet Speedster going up towards varied metahumans. While there have been a number of totally different sorts of threats, The Flash season 7’s forces present the collection is tackling it in another way by doing its personal tackle a latest storyline from the hero’s comedian run. The Speed Force has for the longest time been a strong entity within the DC Universe, however it’s now not the one cosmic vitality supply. In Joshua Williamson’s story arc Flash War (The Flash #47-50), DC Comics delivered to life three new Forces after Wally West’s try at breaking the Speed Force barrier.


Flash War causes these new Forces to be launched as a result of Wally tried to free his trapped children. While The Flash did not have that actual context, they did carry to life three further energy sources when Iris West revived the Speed Force. Since Iris had been a speedster very briefly, she had managed to predominant among the vitality from the unique Speed Force. Because of that, she was in a position to stabilize the Artificial Speed Force that Team Flash had created. But that got here with a consequence because the three New Forces had been additionally born on the identical time. With the creation of the Strength Force, Sage Force, and Still Force, The Flash season 7’s forces get to have a really totally different predominant antagonist following Mirror Master.

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Instead of getting only one huge unhealthy, The Flash season 7’s forces now get the chance to have the New Forces as a united risk. Even although they’re utilizing people as their conduits, merely the thought of getting cosmic forces as villains continues to be refreshing for the Arrowverse. While it is a slight departure from the comics, it is sensible within the context of The Flash to have new energy sources unintentionally created, when doing one thing as huge as resurrecting the Speed Force. It’s unclear if these are the one Forces that can be launched to the Arrowverse throughout The Flash’s arc. But how has The Flash established the Speed Force, Strength Force, Sage Force, and Still Force compared to the comics?

Strength Force

The Flash season 7 forces Strength force

The first new cosmic power that acquired launched out of The Flash season 7’s forces is the Strength Force whose conduit arrived in “Central City Strong.” While the conduit’s preliminary look is temporary, it is established in a while that that is the Arrowverse’s interpretation of DC Comics’ Fuerza. What this particular Force entails is an elevated addition of energy that goes past simply having the ability to elevate heavy issues. Anyone who will get a connection to the Strength Force will get modified bodily as they actually develop in dimension. The Strength Force bestows these skills to its conduits by swallowing a person from the Earth’s floor. In Fuerza’s case, she was so robust that she might trigger shockwaves by hitting the bottom. The CW’s take on Fuerza demonstrates related energy as she’s in a position to defend Barry from Psych in The Flash season 7, episode 10 “Family Matters – Part 1”.

In the comics, the Strength Force is closely depending on gravity and the power of movement. That would additionally enable the conduits to really manipulate the Earth itself the place they might craft rocks as a weapon. While The Flash season 7’s forces consumer does get their muscle tissues and general bodily modified, Fuerza realized find out how to preserve her common dimension. In her case, it was associated to having to preserve her calm as that will stop Fuerza’s dimension from increasing. When Barry first battles Fuerza throughout her Arrowverse debut, he discovers that she will take in his lightning vitality. Even Abra Kadabra’s Anti-Matter bomb was one thing Fuerza was in a position to take in with out it destroying her.

Sage Force

The Flash season 7 forces Sage Force

Following the arrival of the Strength Force, The Flash season 7, episode 5 “Fear Me” introduced within the Sage Force whose conduit turned the DC Comics character Psych. The Flash season 7 forces use Sage power to focus and improve the minds of its wielders. While the Strength Force is about gravity and movement, the Sage Force as an alternative grants a person varied types of psychic powers. Aside from boosting one’s intelligence, a Sage Force consumer like Psych might use their connection to additionally carry out varied acts of telekinesis, in addition to turn out to be a telepath. Bashir a.okay.a. Psych might learn individuals’s minds, making it exhausting to shock him, whereas additionally attacking them mentally. Sage Force conduits have the facility to additionally management minds whereas additionally tricking individuals to fall for their illusions.

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The Arrowverse’s take on Psych has the villain utilizing his powers to make individuals in Central City undergo their worst fears. But due to how highly effective Psych’s mind-abilities are, even when a sufferer was simply experiencing their horrors inside their head, he might push it to this point that it might end in bodily hurt. When The Flash goes up towards Psych, he forces Barry to should be haunted by Reverse-Flash and Savitar. When Savitar stabs Barry, Psych really prompted The Flash to consider it was actual and the hero ended up being damage in the true world. Despite Barry’s therapeutic, the truth that Psych acquired him to consider that Savitar had stabbed him, exhibits how harmful he’s. However, Bashir, Iris, and Alexa find yourself faking their very own deaths and use an phantasm to flee from Nora and Deon, stopping the one in every of The Flash season 7 forces conduit in the intervening time.

Still Force

The Flash season 7 forces Still Force

Even although the Strength Force and Sage Force acquired established earlier than it, the Still Force was technically born in The Flash season 7, episode 2 “The Speed of Thought.” In the comics, the Still Force is ready to immediate or advance entropy. A conduit that’s linked to that supply can both gradual or pace up its personal growing older course of in addition to others. It additionally allows a consumer to suck life-force vitality out of individuals and dwelling issues, making it exhausting to cease them. Gorilla Grodd has been linked to the Still Force the place he was in a position to cease the complete universe from changing into larger. Aside from Grodd, The Turtle, in addition to Steadfast, have additionally been in a position to use the Still Force. The depiction of The Flash season 7’s forces, significantly Still Force, is analogous whereas additionally having a couple of variations.

In The Flash season 7, episode 6 “The One With The Nineties”, Cisco Ramon and Chester Runk unintentionally get trapped in a 1998 model of Masonville. But in contrast to The Flash’s common time journey, they acquired hit by a large inexperienced vitality wave that finally ends up taking them again to the ’90s. They finally meet Deon Owens who’s the Still Force’s conduit as he is inflicting a time pocket the place he can relive the higher components of his life. However, Deon wasn’t the primary one to display this energy as “The Speed of Thought” resurrects the unique Harrison Wells, via the identical inexperienced vitality. Harrison reveals that he is in a position to immerse himself into any second in his private previous, current, or future which is why he goes to relive his moments with Tess, his spouse.

Speed Force

The flash season 7 forces speed force

The Flash season 7’s forces clearly consists of the Speed Force. The Speed Force is the cosmic entity that speedsters get their super-speed from that additionally allows them to carry out extraordinary strikes. It consists of advantages comparable to slowed growing older, accelerated therapeutic, elevated reflexes, touring between various realities, and working again or ahead in time. Speedsters are subsequently among the strongest beings within the DC Universe which has been mirrored on The Flash. In the Arrowverse, nevertheless, the Speed Force acquired sick due to Barry’s Spectre-infused vitality that overwhelmed his energy supply throughout Crisis on Infinite Earths. Because of that, the Speed Force really died inflicting Team Flash to should invent a synthetic one so Barry might nonetheless be The Flash.

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Initially, after Nash Wells and the Multiverse-Harrisons sacrificed themselves to energy it up, the Artificial Speed Force got here with professionals and cons. It gave Barry the facility of speed-thinking, however the extra he used it, the much less human he turned because it killed his emotional part. The Flash was subsequently pressured to destroy it in order that he might turn out to be himself once more and truly really feel issues. That’s the place Iris got here in as she was in a position to make use of the unique Speed Force vitality she had left to energy and stabilize it. However, a Speed Force storm recreated the unique cosmic entity that also had the type of Barry’s useless mom Nora Allen after its demise in The Flash season 6.

What Happened To The Cosmic Forces In The Flash

Eventually, every of The Flash season 7’s forces joined up with Team Flash. Alexa Rivera (Fuerza, Strength Force) helped struggle off Psych alongside Barry so as to coerce him over to the workforce. While Alexa and Bashir’s (Psych, Sage Force) relationship is contentious, she was in a position to get Psych on their facet. Alexa went again to S.T.A.R. Labs with Bashir and so they had a heart-to-heart with Iris and Barry. At that very second, the Speed Force confirmed up with Deon Owens (Still Force), and since Deon froze Barry in time the Speed power was in a position to knock out Alexa, Bashir, and Iris. However, it is revealed that every one of that is an phantasm created by Psych so as to confuse the Speed Force whereas he, Iris, and Alexa come again to life. This expertise cements the partnership between Psych, Fuerza, and the Flash. Two of The Flash season 7’s forces be part of Team Flash to struggle within the Godspeed War.

Deon, nevertheless, wants a bit extra convincing. Barry confronts Deon at a soccer stadium, telling him the risks of coping with Nora however Deon refuses his assist. After some time of pondering it over, Deon relents and decides to affix Team Flash. He’s taken again to S.T.A.R. Labs the place he apologizes to Bashir and Alexa for his actions. The workforce reconciles and decides to defeat Nora as soon as and for all, although it is not as simple because it appears. The Flash season 7’s forces try and enter the Speed Force and struggle Nora there, however the try does not work. Deon is useful when he decides to make use of his powers to provide Nora a deeply haunting imaginative and prescient of what the world would appear like with out her household in it. The imaginative and prescient works and Nora steps down, apologizing to Deon, Alexa, and Bashir. Eventually, The Flash season 7‘s forces all go to the West home collectively and start rebuilding contained in the Speed Force.

Because it is nonetheless early on, there’s going to be extra revealed finally in regards to the Strength Force, Sage Force, and Still Force in addition to their respective conduits. While Fuerza’s first look on The Flash was quick she performed an important position within the Godspeed War and it would not be stunning if she appears totally different the subsequent time she exhibits up. Similar to her comedian counterpart, Fuerza may very well study to regulate her physiological dimension so she will look a bit extra human once more, whereas nonetheless being highly effective. It’s additionally not fully unimaginable that the New Forces will start new customers in Central City in addition to Fuerza, Psych, and Deon. Just they had been the primary three that Team Flash has encountered does not imply that they will be the one representatives. Depending on how far they’re getting, the New Forces may be reaching individuals outdoors of Central City too, making this a much bigger problem for The Flash shifting ahead.

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