This might mark a brand new chapter within the historical past of boy teams.

If 2022 was the yr of woman teams, 2023 is anticipated to be the yr for boy teams. This is as a result of it’s possible that many new boy teams will debut subsequent yr. The trade is already calling them the “fifth-generation rookie group” and expressing expectations for a technology change for boy teams.

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According to insiders, the 4 main leisure corporations (HYBE, SM Entertainment, JYP Entertainment, and YG Entertainment) have extra rookie debut schedules than ever earlier than. All throughout Korea, Japan, the U.S., and China, greater than ten new teams are planning to debut from the 4 main companies, seven of that are boy teams.

HYBE plans to introduce a brand new boy group every from Pledis Entertainment and KOZ Entertainment. JYP will launch a boy group chosen by way of the SBS audition program, LOUD, a Chinese group Project C, and a boy group model of the favored woman group NiziU. SM is scheduled to debut a brand new boy group that doesn’t belong to NCT, together with the debut of NCT Tokyo. YG at the moment has no plans for a boy group.

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Several audition packages are additionally anticipated to focus on boy teams. Mnet will broadcast Boys Planet, whereas MBC will broadcast Fantasy Boys. These would be the boy group model of the packages that debuted Kep1er and CLASS:y final yr. In addition, a number of small and medium-sized companies are mentioned to have plans to release a boy group as properly.

Boy group debuts have been uncommon within the final two years (2021-2022). Only 13-15 groups debuted this yr in comparison with 57 boy teams that debuted in 2017. From 2018 to 2020, fourth-generation boys teams additionally poured out of the large 4 companies.

Analysts imagine that 2023 would be the yr the place a pure generational change for boy teams will happen as will probably be the yr that the majority fourth-generation teams will enter their fourth to sixth yr since debut.

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A music trade official acknowledged, “The boy groups that represented one generation are either on hiatus due to military enlistment or scattered due to contract renewal issues, so naturally, a generation change will occur with the start of the fifth generation.”

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