The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, the second Marvel Studios collection to be launched, seems to be coming into an fascinating territory. It has launched a brand new Captain America, that only a few are fantastic with. Flag-Smashers, who’re being projected as villains, don’t appear very villainous up to now.

The present is a fertile floor for fan theories. Here are 5 main theories that you must take a look at:

John Walker will turn out to be an outright villain

Wyatt Russell as John Walker, the brand new Captain America. (Photo: Marvel Studios)

This will not be apparent, since after the introduction of his supremely-punchable face on the finish of the primary episode, the next episode type of humanised him and made him appear like he’s not as dangerous as we thought. He is simply attempting to do the precise factor, and be a superb Captain America. However, he’s an American soldier and his proper factor might merely be what he’s ordered to do by the federal government. Steve Rogers was additionally righteous like him, however he didn’t undergo authority if he felt that was not the morally appropriate factor to do. Walker seemingly is not going to have any reluctance, making him a villain that Sam and Bucky have to beat, however a compelling villain at that who sees the world within the shades of black-and-white with no house for gray.

Flag-Smashers will staff with Sam and Bucky to carry down John Walker

flag smashers, falcon and winter soldier Erin Kellyman as Karli Morgenthau, the chief of Flag-Smashers. (Photo: Marvel Studios)

If John Walker seems to the Big Bad, we expect Sam and Bucky will staff up with the Flag-Smashers to carry down Walker and his model of Captain America. Flag-Smashers are an anarchist group who wish to erase borders and let the entire world be one massive nation. It sounds noble, and it type of is, however they make use of violent means. What’s extra, they’ve seemingly been injected with the Super-Soldier serum (which made Steve Captain America). The present might find yourself redeeming them as individuals who have been so oppressed that they had no selection however to turn out to be anarchists.

Flag-Smashers are mutants

A principle posits that Flag-Smashers are literally mutants or X-Men. They definitely have superpowers, however whether or not these are the results of the Super-Soldier serum or a mutation is the query. Many followers imagine that is how MCU introduces X-Men.

Sam will likely be Captain America by the top of the present

While Sam might have rejected the mantle of Captain America, he’s most likely regretting it after John Walker’s ascension. After the mud has settled, he could also be holding the enduring vibranium defend once more and find yourself assuming the title and the identification that comes with it.

Rhodey will persuade Sam to imagine the mantle of Captain America

A principle says that it will likely be Rhodey who will find yourself convincing Sam to turn out to be Captain America. While each have been on the other sides of the Civil War, they may, the idea says, reconcile, main as much as Sam’s rise as the brand new Captain America. Rhodey appeared briefly within the first episode and sure has a component to play within the story but.

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