After Dexter: New Blood, it’s laborious to see the place the franchise might go with out making Harrison a serial killer, however a prequel is the smarter alternative.

Despite the divisive Dexter: New Blood ending, the Dexter franchise ought to proceed – however not with Harrison. Dexter: New Blood, Showtime’s restricted reboot collection, tried to repair the errors of Dexter season 8, however ended up leaving audiences with a much less satisfying ending than the unique finale. Nevertheless, Dexter: New Blood offered viewers with an intriguing story that put Dexter’s son Harrison on the middle. Harrison suffered from the identical urges as his father, however was too ashamed to inform him. The present juxtaposes Dexter together with his code to The Runaway Killer, who embraces his murderous needs, however Harrison learns he does not wish to be like both of them.


Before the Dexter: New Blood finale, it appeared believable that Harrison might comply with in his father’s footsteps and channel his “Dark Passenger” by means of the code. However, Harrison rejected the code when he shoots his father. Therefore, a sequel with Harrison would not make sense, however a prequel might. There is one character that was key to Dexter’s upbringing that has not been explored: Doctor Vogel. Introduced in Dexter season 8, Doctor Evelyn Vogel was a neuropsychiatrist who specialised in psychopaths, and helped Dexter’s father Harry create the code. With her personal attention-grabbing previous, Dr. Vogel could be an intriguing character to comply with and maintain key components of the franchise intact.

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Why A Harrison TV Series Would Be A Mistake

Dexter Morgan death in New Blood finale

Killing off Dexter in his own revival series by the hand of his son is a daring transfer that was not supported by many viewers. Harrison’s choice to shoot his father is a aware choice to not take part within the sins of his father, which is a nod to the finale’s title “Sins of the Father.” If Harrison turns into a serial killer, it fully defeats the aim of New Blood’s message and renders Dexter’s demise meaningless. However, a collection the place Harrison does not grow to be a killer could be laborious to promote. As such, as an alternative of following Harrison, the Dexter franchise might comply with one other character and make it a prequel.

Why A Dexter Prequel Could Work So Well

Dr. Evelyn Vogel (Charlotte Rampling) smiling in Dexter

Doctor Evelyn Vogel (Charlotte Rampling) had a brief run in Dexter and was murdered by her personal son, who she had tried to assist. Her sons’ psyche was what sparked her curiosity in psychopaths and her creation of the code. Since she created Harry’s Dexter code, Dr. Vogel has a novel relationship with Dexter and even referred to herself as Dexter’s “spiritual mother.” Besides serving to Harry together with his son, it’s evident that Dr. Vogel helped different individuals with these urges. Vogel’s present might deal with the psychological side of killers, which has been confirmed a preferred subject.

A collection targeted on Vogel’s exploits with cameos from a younger Henry may very well be profitable, particularly if it integrated the 80s nostalgia vibe. Additionally, Harry’s cameos might function Dexter as a baby, tying it nearer to the unique present. Through Harry’s conversations with Dr. Vogel, the collection might lower away to younger Dexter’s battle. This manner, the Dexter connection stays intact for a brand new collection, with out Michael C. Hall returning or contradicting the message of Dexter: New Blood.

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