Gotham is thought for its villains and crime historical past, however one specific metropolis within the DC Universe makes Gotham seem like Metropolis by comparability.

Despite being often known as one of the crucial crime-ridden areas within the DC Universe, Gotham truly winds up wanting comparatively safer compared to one metropolis. Gotham’s countless solid of colourful villains able to assault and its darkish historical past stretching again centuries does certainly make it a troublesome place to dwell. But the awfulness of 1 sure metropolis permeates by every part from the corruption of its authorities to the depravity of its residents.

Nearly each hero within the DCU has their very own distinctive metropolis underneath their watching eyes. The Flashes race between Central and Keystone City whereas Green Arrow protects the folks of Star City. More typically than not, there is a thematic connection of some kind between the hero and their metropolis. Metropolis is a contemporary, ahead-of-the-curve metropolis and has the Man of Tomorrow, Superman, as their guardian. Even Gotham, with its gothic background and constant turmoil mirror Batman’s internal wrestle to battle a unending battle for good. However, one location challenged its protector in unimaginable methods.


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Vic Sage, also referred to as the Question, was explored in depth in his personal sequence by Dennis O’Neil and Denys Cowan. The sequence centered on Vic as an investigative journalist by day, vigilante detective by evening. What the Question would discover on his journey was a metropolis that was so unbelievably tainted by crime it was virtually unsalvageable. Due to the actions of town’s corrupt mayor and his associates, town’s coffers have been empty for a lot wanted social packages, resulting in civil unrest and an enormous change within the behaviors of the residents. Crime charges have been shockingly excessive and the desperation led to an ethical decay of the actually determined. Nothing encapsulates how terrible issues acquired in Hub City than in The Question #36 when a person makes an attempt to promote his lifeless baby earlier than throwing within the trash as soon as known as out.

The Question dead baby grift

The Question fought a really totally different battle in his metropolis in comparison with Batman and Gotham. Gotham is a metropolis that has good and sincere folks serving as elected officers and first responders. They take the suitable steps to rid themselves of dishonest members as soon as discovered. And whereas Gotham could also be attacked or held hostage by the Joker or Bane, Batman and his fellow guardians are all the time there to avoid wasting the day. But Hub City’s issues lengthen far past villains in garish costumes. Hub City’s points begin with backroom dealings and open political corruption and finish in social inequality and civil unrest. It’s a way more darker, but extra relatable wrestle. In Gotham, the Bat-Signal shines and provides its folks hope, however in Hub City there isn’t a such mild and hope is nowhere to be discovered.

There’s typically a connecting theme between the cities a hero protects, however for Vic Sage there’s hardly one to be discovered. Despite his finest makes an attempt to avoid wasting town from itself, he failed and finally deserted Hub City on the finish of The Question. Gotham is probably not the most secure place to dwell within the DC Universe, but it surely’s a much more optimistic place to be in comparison with Hub City.

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