Netflix’s The Chestnut Man is a Danish crime thriller that follows a number of murders resulting in an explosive twist ending; this is that ending defined. The present was launched again in late September of this 12 months to staggeringly optimistic critiques, praising sequence creators Dorte Warnøe Hagh, David Sandreuter, and Mikkel Serup for his or her tailored story of neo-noir thriller. The charming streaming present is predicated on a Danish novel of the identical title by Søren Sveistrup.

The Chestnut Man follows Detective Naia Thulin (Danica Curcic) and Europol Agent Mark Hess (Mikkel Boe Følsgaard) as they examine the homicide of Laura Kjær (Marianne Søndergaard) the place a small figurine product of chestnuts is discovered on the scene. The wood chestnut man figurine leads Thulin and Hess again to exploring the case of politician Rosa Hartung’s (Iben Dorner) lacking daughter Kristine (Celine Mortensen). What the detectives discover leads them on a path that goes far again into the previous and incriminates somebody hiding of their midst.


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The remaining episode of the quick season reveals the id of the Chestnut Man, includes a tense capture-and-release conclusion, and ends with justice being served through a tree department. Directors Kasper Barfoed and Mikkel Serup lead viewers by means of a winding story that jumps from the previous to the current and reveals a variety of totally different households going by means of loads of grief. Fans of The Chestnut Man could discover enjoyment in equally paced reveals reminiscent of True Detective, whose first season has the same tone. Here’s the ending of The Chestnut Man defined, together with solutions to among the main questions the present left in its wake.

What Happens In The Chestnut Man’s Ending

David Dencik as Genz in The Chestnut Man

The season finale of The Chestnut Man begins with Europol raiding Genz’s (David Dencik) empty residence after Hess deduces that Genz is the killer. He desperately tries to seek out the killer, and within the meantime, Genz checks out an deserted chestnut farm with Thulin. In the farmhouse, Thulin discovers police monitoring tools and pictures of the Chestnut Man’s crime scenes. Simon Genz reveals to Thulin that he’s the Chestnut Man in a scene that subtly references The Silence of the Lambs‘ ending. The police find an image of Genz’s twin, Astrid, together with some German newspapers, exhibiting that Simon nonetheless retains observe of his twin and that she is positioned someplace in Germany. Meanwhile, Steen Hartung (Esben Dalgaard Andersen) recruits police to search for his spouse Rosa.

Little does he know that Rosa is on the farmhouse with Thulin and Genz. She calls for details about her lacking daughter, and in flip, Genz subdues her and stabs her within the hand. Hess figures out the placement of the chestnut farm and races to seek out Genz, however when he arrives Genz hits him over the pinnacle with a wrench. Like many thrillers (each fictional and true crime shows) earlier than it, Genz decides to place Thulin, Rosa, and Hess by means of trial by fireplace and douses the home in gasoline earlier than setting it alight. Thulin manages to flee the burning home however is shortly recaptured and shoved into Genz’s automotive. Hess helps free Rosa and the 2 escape out of the basement window. Hess confronts Genz in the course of the highway, and he tries to run him over. Thulin grabs the wheel and runs the automotive right into a tree, the place the Chestnut Man is impaled by a department. The police go to Germany the place they discover Kristine with Astrid. She is arrested, Kristine is returned house, and Thulin is reunited along with her personal daughter.

Why Did Genz/Toke Take Kristine?

Celine Mortensen as Kristine in The Chestnut Man

Genz targets moms he deems unfit so taking Kristine looks like a departure from his M.O. The lacking kid’s disappearance is investigated closely all through the sequence, despite the fact that Linus Bekker (Elliot Crosset Hove) offers a false homicide confession for the kid. As it seems, Genz kidnaps Kristine out of pure spite in direction of Rosa. When he and Astrid briefly dwell with Rosa’s foster household, she turns into insecure about their presence. She lies to her household, claiming that he damage her. Therefore, Toke/Genz, and Astrid get despatched to the Ørum household the place they’re sexually abused. Genz blames his horribly tragic scenario on Rosa and in flip, kidnaps her daughter when he will get the prospect.

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How Does Linus Bekker Know The Chestnut Man?

Elliot Hove as Linus in The Chestnut Man (1)

Linus Bekker offers convincing testimony of Kristine’s supposed homicide, however he cannot inform the police the place the physique is. The Netflix crime show rigorously makes use of Bekker as a purple herring up till the purpose that he reveals that he did not kill Kristine, however he is aware of who the Chestnut Man is and he refuses to reveal the killer’s id. So how does Bekker know the Chestnut Man? Unfortunately, Bekker’s connection to Genz isn’t explicitly revealed. Perhaps Genz meets Bekker whereas he’s in custody and is drawn to his loyalty. Bekker revels in Genz’s crimes and expresses feeling “honored” to be part of the killer’s reign of terror. The unusual man could possibly be a key participant in a second season, probably as a copycat killer fashioning himself after the Chestnut Man.

Did Genz/Toke Kill His Foster Parents?

The Chestnut Man Episode 1

The themes of kid abuse and foster households, themes additionally present in Showtime’s Dexter follow-up Dexter: New Bloodrun rampant in The Chestnut Man. When Marius Larsen comes upon the bloody homicide scene in 1987 on the Ørum residence, solely Astrid and Toke are nonetheless alive. An unknown assailant kills Marius within the course of and the scene ends. Since the household inflicts deplorable kinds of abuse on Toke and Astrid, it is extremely doubtless that Toke kills his foster dad and mom. The boy ultimately turns right into a psychopath, however there’s nothing to counsel that he already wasn’t one. Considering the truth that Toke and Astrid are the one two alive within the Ørum house it is believable that Toke kills Marius out of worry that he’ll uncover his first grisly homicides.

Why Did Astrid Get Involved?

David Dencik as Genz dead in The Chestnut Man

Similar to the Dexter/Deb dynamic in Dexter, Astrid decides to maintain her brother’s crimes quiet. Consequently, she retains Kristine and her grownup counterpart solely seems in two episodes of the present. Considering that Astrid is not a psychopath or holding a grudge like her brother, what’s her reasoning behind taking Kristine captive? Astrid retains Kristine as a result of she’s afraid of her brother’s wrath. She goes as far as to inform the police that she tries her greatest to handle the younger woman, even defending her from Toke/Genz. Maybe Astrid feels sorry for Kristine and the truth that she acquired caught up in her twin’s murderous plans. Either method, the sequence finale makes it clear that Astrid significantly fears her brother.

Thulin Finally Gets To Be With Her Daughter (& Maybe Hess)

Danica Curcic as Naia Thulin in The Chestnut Man

Every good present wants an X-Files-esque Mulder and Scully “will they or won’t they” dynamic. Thulin and Hess’ relationship steadily grows into one thing tangibly past friendship as they clear up the case collectively. At the identical time, a serious portion of Naia Thulin’s story is her relationship along with her daughter. Thulin tries to get a brand new job with cybercrimes so as to spend extra time along with her youngster as a result of she feels responsible about how a lot time she spends away at her job. The most compelling proof of Hess and Thulin’s budding relationship comes when Le (Liva Forsberg) admits to her mom that she provides Hess to her household tree. Rather than protest, as she did earlier than about her informal boyfriend, she lets Hess stay there.

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The Real Meaning of The Chestnut Man’s Ending

What The Chestnut Man Really Means

Following within the footsteps of movies like Gerald’s Gameone of many greatest themes in The Chestnut Man is youngster abuse and grief. Various households within the space are discovered to bodily and sexually abuse their kids, in truth bordering on what could possibly be thought-about an epidemic. The killer targets unfit moms as a basic rule due to his personal previous abuse by the hands of his foster dad and mom. As properly, he questions Naia’s personal maternal instincts with regard to her frequent absences and the way they have an effect on Le. The assertion clearly haunts her, as her guilt over this reality is likely one of the essential considerations of her character.

Anyone who loves The Chesnut Man ought to make investments their time in different in style Netflix crime shows like CriminalBordertown, and Peaky Blinders. The tailored crime thriller takes audiences down a wierd and creepy path, all main as much as a twist ending that is positive to shock viewers. There’s no phrase but as as to whether or not there might be a second season. Ultimately there is probably not as a result of the e book it is primarily based on is a standalone work. If there’s a second season in The Chestnut Man‘s future, hopefully, it will likely be simply as gripping as the primary.

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