Everyone is interested in YG Entertainment’s upcoming woman group Baby Monster and what they plan on bringing to the K-Pop business. While there hasn’t been a lot info on the group and its members, the CEO of YG Foods not too long ago gave some perception into the group’s expertise.

In HotdogTV‘s latest YouTube video, Noh Hee Young, the CEO of YG Foods, spoke about the highly-anticipated group. According to Noh Hee Young, Baby Monster is so talented that she claimed, “They’re no joke.”

To convey simply how wonderful the group is, Noh Hee Young shared that they’re like 10 of BLACKPINK’s proficient rapper Jennie.

Right now, there’s a brand new group after BLACKPINK known as Baby Monster that’s coming. They’re no joke, they’re like 10 Jennies.

— Noh Hee Young

Following Noh Hee Young’s phrases, many have theorized that the group might have 10 members since they had been described as 10 Jennies. Regardless of what number of members Baby Monster could have, everyone seems to be trying ahead to their debut.

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