THE BOYZ have made a reputation for themselves in relation to intricate Halloween costumes at this level, and followers are all the time excited to see what they’ve in retailer! The group usually produces a good quantity of Halloween content material, together with a dance follow in full costume and releasing Halloween photocards. Here are two earlier years’ photocards in full costume:

THE BOYZ | @bee11lieve/Twitter

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THE BOYZ | @bee11lieve/Twitter

This 12 months, although, there was no Halloween content material release because the group was respecting the interval of mourning as a result of Itaewon tragedy. Though there’s nonetheless no release of a dance follow video, THE BOYZ have launched their Halloween photocards, and followers are going loopy over their costumes!

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THE BOYZ | @kt_sseul/Twitter

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THE BOYZ | @kt_sseul/Twitter

Fans had loads to say about every costume and the way effectively thought out every one was!

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Even although followers didn’t get a Halloween dance follow video like anticipated this 12 months, there’s a lot to stay up for for subsequent 12 months since THE BOYZ’s costumes solely get higher and higher!


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