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You’d suppose that Eric Kripke would resent his popularity as a dick destroyer, however you’d be improper.

As simply one among a number of too-hard-to-believe, too-gross-to-stomach occasions from season 3 of The Boys, showrunner Kripke put a shrinking superhero inside a dude’s penis for some microphilic intercourse. The improper type of discharge occurs when the tiny supe sneezes and all of the sudden grows to his normal size, leaving the penis—and the remainder of the man’s physique—in bloody items.

Naturally, this scene caught to the psyche of many viewers in opposition to their will, and Kripke revealed to Deadline that his son is not any exception. “What the f*ck is wrong with you?” the 15 year-old reportedly requested his dad after watching the scene. However, the chief producer added that he liked surprising his offspring, and continues to derive immense pleasure from each being “the exploding dick guy” and pulling off the “biggest dick joke in history” (the prop penis was 30 feet long).

“It actually brings me ridiculous amounts of pride. You know, I showed it to my 15 year-old son and two things. One is when it was over, he looked at me and said what the f*ck is wrong with you, which I thought was great. Then the next day, he was like you know what, Dad, I was thinking about it, you’ve pulled off the biggest dick joke in history. I don’t know. I can’t think of a bigger, more expensive dick joke. So, you know, I think it could be something I’d be very comfortable with on my tombstone.”

“Here lies Eric Kripke, The Exploding Dick Guy” has a fairly good ring to it.

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